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is Westell 327W modem supported by Verizon?

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is Westell 327W modem supported by Verizon?

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I purchased Westell 327W modem - it does not work with my DSL line. I connected it through a cable to my laptop - no internet. Other modem is working, so the is no problem with dsl line.

Tech support told me this modem is not supported, but I saw some messages of people who use this modem.





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Re: is Westell 327W modem supported by Verizon?

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The Westell 327w is supported, but is considered Obselete by Verizon. Just make sure the problem with the Westell 327w isn't because the Westell is in bridge mode, the Westell has the wrong PPPoE information, or you're in a DHCP Area and need to allow your connection a few hours for the lease on the IP address to expire.


Check the settings of your working modem and see if you can match them as close as possible to the Westell 327w. If you have to, factory reset the 327w using the pinhole in the back. From this point, if the 327w is a Verizon modem, once the modem auto-detects the correct settings for the line you will need to disable the walled garden at


If you need more info on any of this, just ask.


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