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keeps freezing please help

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keeps freezing please help

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modem freezes and can't do anything until I reset modem then its fine for a little while then does it again.this happens throughout the day.does anyone know what is happening or how i can solve this.



Thanks for the help

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Re: keeps freezing please help

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have you tried using the red reset button on the back, you would want to hold it for 30 seconds, if it keeps happening when you do that you would want to contact support and they will send a new router.

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Re: keeps freezing please help

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I always turn the router off then back on again .when the router freezes my whole computer freezes.the second I turn the router off to reset it my computer works fine.if my router freezes should that cause my whole computer to freeze.i can click on stuff but nothing will pop up until I turn the router off.then everything I clicked on will work.

I also installed the router and software before my start up date would that have anything to do with it.my start up date is past now should I reinstall everything again

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Re: keeps freezing please help

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Hey there 

. before resetting the modem check :::

1. dsl light   on the modem    it should be solid green  if not check the filters on the telephone lines 

     no filter should be connected on the modem . swapped the ends of the dsl cable ..if still the dsl light bliking 

     DO NOT RESET THE MODEM    call 8005676789 . then it is the concern with the physical set up or verizon n/w 

2. and if the dsl light stays solid green then 

     click start >run > type    cmd in the open box  click OK > type ping 

     if it gives 4 packets sent and 4 received then the modem is O.K.



now to refresh the connection you can reset the modem provided you must be aware of what kind of connection you have 

                                                                 open PPPoE /   PPPoE  /  DHCP

if the connection is pppoe then  contact the high speed tech support before resetting the modem coz this type of connection requires the configuration of the modem to get online 

so if the connection id open PPPoE or DHCP then yes you can reset the modem by pushing the little hole inside the red circle 

keep it pushed for 20 secs not more then 30 seconds it could damage the MODEM 

once the DSL light would be solid green again 



visit the link  for westell modem and fro actiontec modem visit the same link without .htm

 and if you see the disable button then click on it it should bring up a verizon page if it gives you a user settings page then change the default user name and password as admin / admin


then the  modem should work fine 



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