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Will this modem work with my verizon dsl?

Actiontec Electronics Wireless N ADSL Modem Router

I can get one at my local Walmart.


Does having a N router work better than the Actiontec gt704wgb that I'm using now?

The reason my I'm asking is my tivo and blueray player suggest using N.


Thanks guys






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Re: modem

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Unless you have a connection greater than 20Mbps or do a lot of bulk transfers on Wireless or stream *pure* HD files >20Mbps, you won't see too much of an improvement for streaming on Wireless N versus Wireless G. They suggest that for homes with heavier usage. Just my two cents.


But otherwise, that Gateway should work just fine for DSL service if you would like to use it. Should give no issues.

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Re: modem

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The modem/router will probably work just fine with Verizon DSL.


As to whether or not the Wireless will work better, that depends upon what you actually plan to use the wireless for, and how well it works today.


802.11g is in theory capable of 54mbps, however in the real world the useful limit is typically around 20mpbs. This is probably a lot faster than your DSL service, so the limiting performance if all you are going to use the wireless for is internet access, will be the DSL connection itself.  So for Internet access it probably doesn't make much difference whether you have 802.11g or 802.11n service. It is possible that your 802.11g service is considerably slower than 20mbps due to interference from other networks and devices. Even then, it is probably faster than your DSL connection.


However, if you plan on inhome networking, then the limit is whatever your in-house network runs at, which is probably 100mbps. That is considerably faster than real world 802.11g, and 802.11n would be of significant benefit if you plan on using the wireless to network devices inside the household.


The Catch-22 so to speak is that the band where 802.11g operates is subject to interference from any number of other services.

802.11n is dual band, and the other band 802.11n uses (5ghz) has more real estate, and fewer users than the 2.4Ghz band 802.11g operates in. So if your 802.11g doesn't work very well today, a dual band 802.11n wireless access point is likely to improve performance substantially, as long as the devices you connect to the 802.11n network are also dual band.

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Re: modem

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Thank you for the info. guess I will stay with the gt704.

I have fastest tier that verizon dsl offers.

The only things i'm doing wirelessly is my epson artisan printer, wifes laptop and my panasonic blue ray player.

I have my tivo connected with the network cable...oh forgot my at&t smartphone.





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