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no internet for a week already, 19 complains so far. not fix yet. time for road runer.

no internet for a week already, 19 complains so far. not fix yet. time for road runer.

Contributor leo81486
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i finally end up getting road runner again, since my cousin on my lower lv got a very reliable speed with $40 10mb . latency ping of 15 n lower .


so i called up to get road runner, for $40 15mb..

bye Verizon.{please keep your posts courteous}

Copper Contributor pat1
Copper Contributor
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join the club! I'm waiting for the Road Runner tech. to get to my house now. I have had the ongoing intermittent connection since April 6th. I don't know why I waited this long. I have talked to 50 different people, let 3 people remote access my computer and had a technician at my house for 3 hours and they still can't figure anything out. Thery called me 5 days ago though and told me the problem was fixed. How was it fixed if you don't even know what it is I asked? Needless to say I called and opened another ticket within the hour because it was doing the same thing. I cannot believe this huge company has so many people working for them that don't have a clue as to what's going on. Then they have the audacity to tell me I'm going to have to pay a $79 early termination fee on the internet which I wish them good luck on retrieving. I've had limited or no connectivity since April 6th and that is because they can't identify and fix the problem. That's the only reason I cancelled, so they have nobody but themselves to blame for that. I'm getting Road Runner Turbo which has 15 megs, which is like hyperspeed compared to the big 3.0 I received from Verizon, that I didn't even hit most of the time. Cell phones are up in July and I will then be rid of this garbage customer service company forever.

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