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phone restarts modem

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everytime the phone rings me modem restarts.Contacted live chat and they told me it was a wall jack issue.Modem is a westell 6100g.This issue just started a few days ago.any help to fix this issue would be appreciated.

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Is there any noise currently on your phone line? Have you checked to see if the jack has any corrosion or loose connections? Have you checked over other jacks and wiring in your home as well?


If you're not sure, if the weather isn't too bad to try doing a NID test, you can try connecting a phone and your DSL modem to the NID to see if they still don't work well with each other at the test jack. That will rule out  a home issue or a Verizon issue.


See this article: https://secure.dslreports.com/faq/1317

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tech support sent a new modem hoked directly into my comp but issue still persist and now it's restarting whenever it feels like it.I checked all jacks,filters,and cables.everything is set up properly.This is very inconvent considering many ppl us wireless here so i can not hook into my router atm till this issue is resolved.

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Tire of this....No one showed up here to check anything out but yet tech support is telling me they did.I have a house full of gamers that go crazy when their net is shut down.If this issue isn't fixed by Monday noon I will be canceling all services through Verizon. after 10 yrs you would think they would get their act together and fix stuff instead of lying about a service tech being where they weren't.
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