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"High Speed" internet

Contributor raxl818
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{word filter avoidance} im tired of ur **bleep** internet dropping down to .5 speeds in the afternoon while still taking my 30+ dollars each month {word filter avoidance}

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Bronze Contributor II
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Make sure you try the speed with your computer plugged directly into the router, instead of over WiFi. I have at least three neighbors' routers on the same channel as mine, no matter which channel I choose,so when they come home from work everyone interfeers with everyone else.


You may just need to change your channel setting on your router.. It doesn't always chose the channel intellegently when it's on "auto", where the Verizon tech probably left it.


WiFi has a very limited number of channels (it's not really 10 channels, only a few of them are useful because each router uses 3 adjacent channels).


There is a free program called inSSIDer from MetaGeek which will diagram the channel and signal strength of all the routers in your receiving distance.  I'd run that and see how cluttered your airwaves are.


You may have to piggyback a 5 GHz router on Verizon's and buy 5 GHz network adapters for all your computers, unless your neighbors have those crowded too - Unfortunately Verizon's routers can't use the 5 GHz band (aaaheeem).


I don't see any mention that Verizon's new $75 upgraded N router uses 5 GHz either, which is why I haven't ordered one. Verizon definitely needs to offer one that covers 5GHz so we won't have to piggyback routers!!!


Other than that, covering all your outside walls and ceiling with tin foil would be the only way to block out interferrence from your neighbor's routers..


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Before doing the above, make sure you are testing from a Wired connection to rule out any Wireless issues. If speeds drop in the evening, I can help get you to someone who can help to get that fixed up. Let me know if you're willing to go about doing that.

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