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returning/recycling of old dsl modems

returning/recycling of old dsl modems

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i have 2 used dsl modems (westell 2200) collecting dust.


with no foreseeable need or use, what shall i do with them? it's hard getting folks to just pay postage on them, and they sit on craigslist for months.


i see you're trying to put on a green face with the "win a 2010 toyota prius" contest, but addressing the issue of your waste production offers more credibility.



Device: Westell 327w
Plan: Low DSL
Location: New York
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It would be nice if company that sold or provided electrical equipment had a recycling program.

Have you check with your local county mine has a hazards recycling which is held a number of times during the year.

It is a modest $5-10 .

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yes, washington, dc has year-round hazardous recycling dropoff.


these are 2 working (one still in the package) dsl modems. why destroy them for little to no resource extraction when they are in perfect wortking order? materials shipped to me by verizon, but i can't mail them back?

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Perhaps you can find a local school or community center in need of some spare modems.

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