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slow internet

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slow internet

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Purchased a new tower May 2017 - Windows 10 - which I hate. Received new DSL router around the same time. Ever since purchasing tower, the internet has been slow, not responding, just plain nuts. Have reset my PC  - FIVE times, having to reinstall programs each time, and the internet is still goofy.  Tried MSN, YAHOO, went to Verizon site hoping to get some relief with the internet, since they are the ones that control everything, but this site is the dumbest site I have ever encountered.  No help whatsoever. Is there someone out there that can give me some information, why the Verizon site cannot diagnosis the internet that they are controlling?  Where I live I have no other choice but Verizon - so pretty much at their mercy.  Such a monopoly - should be a Federal offense - no other provider to choose from.

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Re: slow internet

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Join the club. It's not your windows 10. It's the outdated copper wiring they refuse to replace, because they would have to replace it throughout the town. We can't have fios, because there are no fiber optic cables in our town. The only choices are DSL, the cable TV company, and wireless. The last 2 cost an arm and a leg, but DSL is going up so high and not delivering. I know they slow down your speed if you watch videos/movies from unpaid sites like Crackle, so we have been keeping to Netflix and Youtube. Yesterday and this morning is rediculous! I can't even use their internet speed check, because it times out. Worst part is that you can't even get a human to talk to be in chat with and can't have it fixed over the computer. I just called them and the computerized voice on the phone said,"Call back during normal business hours." What are their normal business hours? The stupid thing didn't say. Do they open up at 7:30 am, 8:00 am, 9:00am, or 10:00am? How late are they open? I work, so I can't call at work. This is uncalled for. We are paying for a service and not receiving the it.

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Re: slow internet

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Are both of you in Pennsylvania?


OP, each time you reset the PC, Windows is going to download around 1GB of updates, or more if the computer doesn't have the Creators Update of Windows 10. Depending on how fast your DSL connection is, this can take up to a few hours if WIndows has to download that much to get up to date. Give the machine some time to finish downloading and installing updates. The Task Manager can help show your network activity.


Also. If you're using Microsoft Edge, try installing UBlock Origin from the Windows Store. It's free. Ads often cause websites to hang the browser. Or, try Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome with the same Add-on/Extension installed.

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