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slowlest internet speed ever

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slowlest internet speed ever

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Is it just me or has anyone noticed how slow verizon internet speed has become for those paying not for fios because it's not available in my area but for the fastest they have to offer and charge for?  Is it just me?

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Re: slowlest internet speed ever

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Many of us have noticed slowness across the board, but many of us have also noticed that online content is becoming more bandwidth demanding, warranting higher speed connections to make full use of.


Would you be able to provide two speed tests to us? Provide one during the morning hours, and then provide one during the evening hours. Also let us know if you are on Wired or Wireless from your PC to your router/modem, and also provide what modem or router model you have.

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Re: slowlest internet speed ever

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I have to agree with this.  I pay for the 3-7Mbps plan and everytime I do a speed test I have never got anything above 2.46 and 0.73. I am forced to have Verizon since no othe service comes to where I live and FIOS is not available. 


To start with I am very upset. I have had this service for almost 2 years and never once have I got the speeds that I pay for. I constantly have to call in for tech support and never get progress. I am always given the same cookie cutter instructions "Reboot, turn off other devices, do a speed test, replace filters... and so on". Never once can they admit a problem may be on their end.  I found out today that I will never get the max speed because of the distance from the hub. Well that would have been nice to kn ow when they installed it. I average a hold time of over an hour each time I call. This last time I called I asked for a manager. The customer support person who I could barely understand actually REFUSED to transfer me. Everytime I am told a tech will come out, they never show. Everytime I am to get a return call, well it usually never happens. It was not until I threatend to pull the crap out of my walls and speak to a lawyer about paying for a service and never receiving it did I finaly ge them to listen to me. Anyway they do the "line test" and I am told tha it shows 6Mbps an that I must be wrong in my speed tests. When I asked what the problem was the tech hung up right away. I call back in and demand a manager again. I asked for hm to read bak the notes he claimed he took on my account as we spoke. Big shocker when he said he could not because he could not access them.


My two tests tody were this DL 2.27 UL 0.74 and again this afternoon it was DL 1.86 UL 0.71


I just want to know why Verizon can neve take responsibilty or admit that its possible the problems for slow speeds could be on thier end and not always the consumer.

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Re: slowlest internet speed ever

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I have been having the same problem with my verizon dsl speeds. It started back in late January. My service went out for four days. When my service came back up my speed was reduceded to .73Mb. My original seepd was 1Mb. When I first started calling verizon I would be conected to a sales represenative asking me to upgrade my service. This is very fustrating when you want to speak to tecnical support. After many phone calls later I am basiclly told this is the speed I will get. What galls me is I'm paying for 1Mb of speed which I had for a few years prior to my service going out. Now I'm basically paying the same price for 1/4 less speed. I get the impression they are trying to force out dsl subsribers.

I filed a complaint with the FCC and Better Business Buraeu. I sugest others do the same.

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Re: slowlest internet speed ever

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Yeah, I am paying for the 3-7 plan as well, but the most I ever get is 2.5 - .75.  Was told it was due to my distance from hub or whatever, so the fact that I've been paying for the 3-7 when I could have been paying for the 1-3 and gotten the same speeds is something they failed to mention when I signed up.  FIOS isn't available in my area, and I need faster internet speeds than Verizon can provide. 


I hate to say it, and no cable company ever gets good reviews, but I'm switching to one of their plans because the speeds provided are so much higher for so much cheaper.  I'm not sure what else my options are.  I do a lot of streaming as well as gaming online, this just isn't cutting it.

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