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verizon internet security suite

verizon internet security suite

Contributor etreble7
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I already subscribe to viss.  I had to reinstall windows, because the computer was hijacked by IMIServer and eventually wouldn't boot. 

Now I don't know how to reinstall VISS.

Contributor fedexmonkeyboy
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I have had to clean my system lately and when I installed the security suite, fortunately I backed up my install file on a different drive. After I was done installing my OS, I located the install file and reinstalled the security suite with no problem. With no back up you should be able to go to the original location on the internet where you downloaded the file and retrieve it again, and this time you should backup the install on a different source issolated from the main hard drive it is on(after install). Any PC expert will tell you the 3 most import things about computer safety are, backup, backup again, and backup even more. I hope this helps.
Contributor SteelGal86
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ok, I don't know if there is any point to complaining about this, cuz nothing probably will get done about it anyway, but let me just say I got verizon recently as I moved and decided I wanted direct tv instead of comcast cable, only because me and my hubby wanted to get nfl sunday ticket.  So since direct tv is the only company offering it, and direct tv has a triple deal with verizon phone & internet on one bill, we switched to verizon as well.  Well I am thinking about switching back, at least to comcast internet and phone.... comcast internet was faster, and offered mcafee anti virus FOR FREE with your service, or at least thats how I am understanding it.   My mcafee was still working initially with verizon, but now the subscription is up and will not renew for me unless I either pay 30 bucs or renew comcast service.  I do not want to pay 4.99 a month for verizon internet security suite.  I am actually gona look into seeing if that 30 bucs is a year charge or monthly, cuz Id be better off doing that, but let me just add that verizon is a rip off for tryin to charge 5 bucs a month for a service that some companies are offering with their regular services!!! and I never had issues with mcafee, I liked their  virus protection....


let me just add that this isnt the only issue ive had with verizon in the last few months!  NOT A HAPPY CUSTOMER

Nickel Contributor
Nickel Contributor
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Hi all,


You can go to www.verizon.net/shop

to get the VISS.Also if you have any trouble you can call

{number not valid} FOR FUTURE REFRENCE

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