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wifi 6 router

Contributor JamesBond007
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Registered: ‎12-17-2018
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will I need a new router to access the new standards


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Silver Contributor IV
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Yes. To get 802.11 AX you will need a new router. I wouldn’t rush out and get one because the devices that you have are not AX. They are AC and N. So there is no benefit right now. 

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Platinum Contributor III
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New router and new wireless devices (or radios) will be needed to use 802.11ax. Regardless of getting a new device with 802.11ax support, or a new router with the same, WiFi will be backwards compatible for the most part with older standards. You may, however, need newer hardware or devices to make use of WPA3 security, as older devices may not be upgraded, or let alone have the power under the hood to handle WPA3.


I would generally advise, unless you have a true need for the speed (FiOS faster than 300Mbps, or a lot of LAN traffic), to keep your existing router if it is doing a stellar job, until the router croaks.

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