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3 indoor, 3 Pan/tilt, 2 outdoor cameras...ALL WANT SAME IP ADDRESS. Tech support is worthless.....

3 indoor, 3 Pan/tilt, 2 outdoor cameras...ALL WANT SAME IP ADDRESS. Tech support is worthless.....

Contributor bconner
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Registered: ‎11-02-2011

So i got the whole setup installed and (mostly) up and running., locks,(4) thermostats (2) lights etc (13) 

I have 8 cameras total.

Each and every one is forcing itself to be


So, while most setup just fine, and dhcp is enabled, the firmware on the cameras forces them to take

You cant run 8 instances of the same ip on the same network.

Only one camera will run at a time, and if more than one is plugged in, THE AGONIZINGLY SLOW verizon monitoring and control web site wont tell you which one is working, and just crashes.

Spent an hour on the phone with india, gave up,

Basically, if you log into the cameras locally (again,  it feeds the video via port 80 outbound. The cameras have a built in webserver, and have the option for viewing and controlling, as well as administrative options, such as changing the default ip of the camera to a new one... HOWEVER. this requires a login and password to the cameras built in server. verizon refuses to give me that user / password so i can assign sequential ip addresses to all my cameras....


Anyone by any chance know the username and password for these cameras?  no, its not the user/pass for verizon...again, the cameras have their own hardware to stream... Punch in on a computer connected to the same subnet as the cameras and youll see exactly what i mean...


tip to verizon. I just spent $2000.00 on your equipment, I dont mind returning it. Your tech support is HORRIFIC. I cannot believe that of 6 people i spoke with, only one could actually speak english fluently... 




Copper Contributor HMCGuy
Copper Contributor
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Registered: ‎11-03-2011

I am running several cameras and DHCP assigns them all different ip addresses. Your router actually performs the DHCP IP assignment for the cameras. You probably want to reset your router. The device can request an address but it is up to DHCP to assign an unused IP if the requested one is unavailable. The administrator login that you seek is only known to the engineers who did the HMC  firmware unless they disabled it altogether.

Contributor Goran
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Registered: ‎11-02-2011

I agree with HMCGuy. 


When you see a "x.x.0.x" address as a network IP, it normally means that the device has not been successful in connecting to your network.  A host IP will at least be "1" and at most be "254".  "0" and "255" are reserved for other network functions, like broadcast addresses.  My best two guesses are 1) that your cameras are not seeing your router that runs the DHCP service, or 2) the cameras sees the router with the DHCP service, however, all your IP# in your IP POOL is taken up.


Recommendations for Scenario 1:

1) Unplug all your cameras (power cable and ethernet cable if used).

2) Unplug your router for 10 seconds and plug it in again.

3) Wait for 2 minutes (this allows the router to become alive again).

4) Take Camera #1 and connect it to your router via an ethernet cable. Then connect its power.

5) Login to monitoringcontrol.verizon.com

6) Click on the camera to start setup.

7) Make sure you click on the WiFi tab, and select SCAN.

😎 Select your wireless router from the list, and type in the password to connect (I had to scroll down after I clicked on the router name to see the password field).

9) Click Save and close.

10) You will not have to test it by unplugging the camera's power, and then unplugging the ethernet cable.  Then plug the power of the camera in again, and it should show up as one of your devices.

11) Repeat steps 4-11 for the other cameras.


Recommendation for Scenario 2:

1) This Scenario requires you to login to your router and find the page where you set the IP Address Pool.  Normally, routers are setup to divy up 50 IP addresses.  You may want to expand this.  Specify the range to be from 1 to 254.  That ought to give you enough IPs 🙂


Hope this helps.  Let us know.

Contributor bconner
Posts: 4
Registered: ‎11-02-2011

been there, done that.

My scenario is this:


First network:

 ip range to 254 wifi and wired. on Time Warner wideband (50X15 megs)


Second network


ip range to 254 wifi and wired also on time warner.  


cant use dsl since its too slow to run cameras.


setup indoor camera 1.  wired connection. sets up, then connects to wifi, remove cable, reboot camera and router (and gateway)


camera takes ip via wireless (or wired)  DHCP is enabled.


open box on next camera, plug into network, turn power on,  connects to network. Go to verizon setup, now first camera is offline.


second (new) camera setup via cable, at end of setup option to use wifi, allow to connect, reboot router, gateway and camera.


wait for initialization, now verizon control shows all cameras as offline. niether show as connected on the router.



unplug one camera so only one is on, bingo....camera online.


does not matter which camera, pan/tilt, indoor, outdoor etc...



ive used 3 different routers, and it looks like the cameras refuse to dhcp and will only accept the 0.99 ip, and this is evidenced by the fact that when all cameras but one are disconnected, i have video. if i connect anything more than 1 they all drop.  i have a cisco, a d link and a linksys router and they are all doing this.


Further, i took a wifi sniffer and they all show their specific mac id;sc but each and every one of the cameras demands the 0.99..


a simple password and user to acess the cameras settings and this would be resolved in moments.....

Platinum Contributor III
Platinum Contributor III
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Time Warner. This is a Verizon Community. Can you get FiOS? Sorry could not help myself.

Contributor bconner
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Registered: ‎11-02-2011

no fios available, and no dsl worth getting....


so your response was basically a troll blurb? sorry that not everyone can get the almighty fios....



i figured since i paid $2200 bucks for a ton of VERIZON equipment to use on VERIZON services on VERIZONS home monitoring and control, which i pay VERIZON 70+ bucks a month for (yes 70 bucks, HAVE TO HAVE HOME PHONE WITH VERIZON TO USE IT) *ive made 1 call in 38 days on the landline, but have 171 missed calls and voice mails from bill collectors and telemarketers for someone whom previously had my landline number..... and that one call i made? to VERIZON to change my phone number because of the telemarketers and collection agencies.... waste of time that was, cause its just different people they are looking for now...



yeah, i get that its a VERIZON community.... thats why i posted the original question.... and VERIZON sold me a service and equipment they cant even support. their own TOS and DSL minimum requirements wont support the very services and equipment they sold me...so sadly, im stuck with 50 megs down by 15 megs out wideband from time warner.....




anyone have any real answers, verizon tech support is totally worthless on this....

@prisaz wrote:

Time Warner. This is a Verizon Community. Can you get FiOS? Sorry could not help myself.


Contributor bconner
Posts: 4
Registered: ‎11-02-2011

37 emails to Sercomm tech support and the solution (configuring each camera with a static ip, port mapping the feeds etc) was finally answered. 



Feel free to kill this thread mods, im finished with verizon. 

Contributor ddworkin
Posts: 1
Registered: ‎01-20-2012

Can you tell me the SerComm technical support contact information?  I too have a problem with these cameras.  Thanks.

Contributor cherylhandy
Posts: 4
Registered: ‎04-08-2012

I agree why is it so difficult to get the needed information that should have been provided with the packaged equipment that WE PURCHASED!!! I could understand if we were renting or leasing the equipment like the Verizon router and set top boxes with remotes, which we do get the router user name and address and again this is equipment not purchased and we can get this info without a problem to change the settings to what we desire. However on equipment we have spent (if unable to get the support and or information needed) far to much on. What's even sadder than Verizon support being of no use whatsoever the manufacturer of the camera's I am shocked to say offer no support short of what the camera's look like and what they can do all the same information that came with the kit of equipment which I didn't find useful then and even less so now. I have been made aware that if you click on my network on your computer and look under other devices you can click on any of the camera icons showing and sure enough view live stream from that camera. Now seems to me that with people hacking wireless network and routers daily with minimal effort these are the same people who can use the camera's we have purchased and setup for security to case our homes and know when someone is or isn't home. This is a huge and I do mean huge security breach of which I have not not read nor heard a solution for. In fact when I called to explain what I discovered and was looking for support and some help I got "Oh really wow that's the first I am hearing of this and I don't have anything here for notes to give you any support as it doesn't appear to be a issue raised as of yet'." All I could say is I'm not part of the geek squad and if I could find that or anyone who doesn't live in my home could point it out to me within 10 minutes of getting onto my network then obviously I am not the first and this poses a serious security issue for any and everyone running these cameras period. So I ask has anyone else run into this or have the solution if any to this security breach from hell????

Silver Contributor I
Silver Contributor I
Posts: 214
Registered: ‎03-11-2013

I know this thread is very old but I'm hoping the auther may still get emails. WHAT WAS THE USERNAME AND PASSWORD that Sercomm gave you to modify the camera settings?

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