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Contributor twkennedy79
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1. Fix the Server Bugs... always getting server busy

2 Allow you to delete all your recordings at once.. not 10 at a time.. it takes forever

3 Be able to time activate and unactivate  your Modes for Camera Recordings.  If I am home it would be great to just turn off that mode.. not have to delete it and then rebuild it..insane. 

4 LET US SEE WHAT WE RECORDED... I currently have 40 pages of recordings.. and i cannot view 1 of them.... it is a great idea.... but flexibility and reliability are just not up to snuff.. 


If I did not catch someone breaking into my house with this system.. then I would throw it in the trash... WAY to much time spent trying to get to the recordings.. IF they are viewable... WAY to much time deleting old recordings... just WAY to much time to invest... this system should work in the background.. keep my home safe.. and not eat up my time talking to Customer Service... oh after waiting 15 minutes on hold...   IT could be really great... could be.. buy it is not.. 

Nickel Contributor
Nickel Contributor
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Has anyone from Verizon answered this? I am looking at the forums tonight and it looks like they haven't answered anybody. Maybe they have realized they are in over thier head and ignoring is is the new policy. Looks like MiCasaVerde is gonna get my business real soon.

Copper Contributor msligon
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I feel like you are living in my Verizon world too...same thing - almost everyday.  I am about to throw it all in the mail and demand my $$ back - have had the system since February and what a headache it has been. 


This morning I see tons of activity - recordings in the activity but of course they are not even showing up in my recordings and the ones that are there - I cannot view. 


Someone needs to do something FAST.  I bought this system for some sort of security - and now if there is a motion detection at 2 in the morning - I cannot even see what it was!!



Copper Contributor twkennedy
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Received this email today... .not sure if its just glad handing. PR.... . see what happens.......


Your message has been escalated to a support case by a support agent on the Verizon Community.



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@twkennedy wrote:

Received this email today... .not sure if its just glad handing. PR.... . see what happens.......


Your message has been escalated to a support case by a support agent on the Verizon Community.



Be sure to click on the link in the email you received to interact directly with the support agent that's handling your issue.  Or, you can click on your username to go to your profile and click on the link under the heading "My Support Cases".

If a forum member gives an answer you like, give them the Kudos they deserve. If a member gives you the answer to your question, mark the answer that solved your issue as the accepted solution.

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Okay so I get that this is a beta version but come on , shouldn't it work at least some of the time. Customer service is horrible, I don't need to talk to one of your employees who has an attitude. I really hope you don't have the {word filter avoidance} to charge everyone for a full month of service since your server has been down more then its been up. I really wish you had told me that I was a test customer before I spent all this money, yes folks we are test customers according to the verizon tech that I talked to today,

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