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Copper Contributor 900at
Copper Contributor
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I checked previous messages and do not see this issue so I'm posting to see if anyone has a solution to this.


My gateway device is programmed to support 9 light modules and 2 cameras.  Most of the time it works fine.  About once a month the lights will not come on.  I disconnect the power, wait a few minutes and restart the gateway unit and it resets.


Last night I tried the power option and now I cannot access any of my devices.  I see a message that the gateway device cannot connect to them. 


Lights are on the gateway device and it actually turned on a few lights this morning but I have no access to control them. 


I hope someone can solve this without me having to reset the entire system, 9 modules, and the modes. 



Contributor asol123
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I'm getting same message. Green lights on cameras and gateway device but I get a message that I cant connect.  I tried via mobile app and website.

Bronze Contributor II
Bronze Contributor II
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The original issue sounds like a bad Gateway controler box, perhaps Verizon can replace it for you. If they say they are out of them then let me know, I have like five extras. I normally reboot my Gateway every month or so just to make sure there are not accumulating issues.


The new issue is most likely because Verizon is having masive problems right now with the HM&C system.


SEE: http://forums.verizon.com/t5/Home-Monitoring-and-Control/HM-amp-C-Camera-Recordings-Not-Viewable/td-...


The top level techs are working on it and have been (I assume) since the problems started on Oct 1st. Your system was uneffected until you rebooted it and it tried to reconnect to the network and couldn't.


CALL TECH SUPPORT AND CONPLAIN! It the only way they know when there is a problem and how many users it's affecting. The direct number is 866-785-8153

Copper Contributor 900at
Copper Contributor
Posts: 16
Registered: ‎02-08-2013
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When I originally attempted to report this it was the weekend and I found out the HM&C support resources only worked M-F.  I finally had a minute to call on Friday and I found out it was a known issue that had been resolved by a software update a week or two ago. Apparently, the update did not make it to my gateway device. 


For clarity on this issue, the gateway device did cycle through all the modes and the devices responded to it.  The issue was I could not see the devices when I logged into the Verizon site, it said the box could not communicate with them.  Before I called, I realized my Status light was blinking and that was not normal. 


The tech knew exactly what it was when I mentioned the light so they had me do the full reset on the box and within about 15 minutes all devices were available.



Bronze Contributor II
Bronze Contributor II
Posts: 214
Registered: ‎03-11-2013
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Actually, it was not fixed until mid-last week. So if someone told it has been fixed for weeks, they're using a golden shovel on you. See my BLog (and that doesn't stand for Web Log) by following the link in my last post.

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