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Indoor & Outdoor Cameras at Night

Indoor & Outdoor Cameras at Night

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I have one of each linked to the system, both are located indoors.  The outdoor camera seems to have better resolution.  I'm assuming this is normal. 


What I have noticed is the difference in function at night.  I do not expect either of them to produce a picture at night but the indoor camera fades to black as night falls.  The outdoor camera, in a dark room with no house lights on, switches to a reflection in the glass of the curtain that is behind the camera.    It also looks like a row of lights appear at the top and bottom of the glass on the front face of the camera.  I would expect the outdoor camera to fade to black also.  Is this normal?  


I don't see any way to attach a picture to this message so not sure if anyone else has seen this on their system.  



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When you post a message, there is a tool bar along the top of the message pane. Select the icon that looks like an image of a mountain and sun inside a square frame. That will allow you to upload an image.

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Interesting, that symbol was not there when I first created the message.  


As mentioned, this is a reflection of the camera in the window and the curtain behind it.  As soon as the sun comes up, the image changes to the real view.  Also mentioned, there are no lights in the room or outside of the house.  


Here is the picture:



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So, you have your Outdoor camera inside looking out through a window?


Those red lights on the camera go on at night so the camera can see in the dark. Because you have it (I'm assuming) inside looking out a window, those light are only illuminating the window glass and camera is then only picking up the surrounding items being reflexed in the glass.


For the outdoor camera to work properly their view must be unobstructed. The glass or every metal screening would cause an obstruction.


Here is a Daytime view of my back yard from one of my Outdoor Cameras.



And here is a Nightime view from the same camera



This was during a snow storm. See how the falling snowflakes are reflecting the light from the camera.

Copper Contributor 900at
Copper Contributor
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Yes, it is inside looking out a window.  I had no idea it had nightime capability ..... don't remember seeing it in the documentation.  When it gets a bit warmer, I'll move it. 


Thanks for solving the mystery.

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