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Contributor rew1000
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Here are some additional observations based on a week of Nexia:


1. The video recordings do not capture the triggering event. Verizon HM&C would do that by apparently backing the recording stream up and capturing the trigger.  This is a significant shortcoming currently.


2. The motion detection on the outdoor cameras cannot be adjusted in regard to the triggering area or sensitivity.  This makes the outdoor camera motion detection worthless.  I had to turn motion detection off becasue of the almost constant triggering of the motion detection.  This is also a serious flaw.


I revise my recommendation on Nexia based on this from highly recommend to recommend.  If the shortcomings I list above are not important to you, then switching to Nexia will be a positive experience.


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Silver Contributor I
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The Motion Detection and the Event Trigger Record are two major issues. Time to start badgering Nexia I guess. We've all gotten a lot of practice with Verizon. Let's get on it people.

The Minimote does not seem to be working as they suggested. I hope to convince them to do a mod to their software to make it function like Verizon did, using Modes.

I've been on their forum and they, unlike Verizon, have techs monitoring it and will give answers.
Copper Contributor Dukestane
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I too will lower my recomendations at this time.  I have a number of automations that are set up and will turn on properly but will not turn off (I have a greater number of automation that work properly).  I can turn these devices off using either my phone or ipad, but the are not completly automated.  Not sure I want to pay for a service that is not 100% functional.  I have contaced support and was promised a call back in 24 hours but have not heard anything in several days.  I still like the service better than Verizons version, but my recomendation has dropped a notch.  After reading a bit about Mi Casa Verde which is now Vera, Nexia may be as good as it gets.

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Silver Contributor I
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Yes, I was hoping for more freedom in programming my automations and modes. But that doesn't look like that's going to happen. Just another "the consumer's dumb so we'll do it for them" interface.
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Talked to Nexia this morning. They are working on the Minimote issue and the will be addressing the motion detect area for the outdoor cameras. It helps to shame them by saying "Verizon did it, why can't you?".

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Silver Contributor I
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Got one more camera to go. It's up in the attic so I'm waiting for a cool night to swap it out. I'm luck I had extra cameras (indoor and outdoor) so I could configure and replace eack unit. Saved time climbing ladders.


Like the Hi-Res on the camera, much better than what Verizon allowed.


It looks like the issue with recording a few seconds before the event has been fixed. Although I have not tested it on all camera types.


They still need to address the detection area. Right now it does the whole field of view which is not good.


Nexia is still working on the P&T. There are no controls for the camer's light on the desktop and no controls at all for the camera on a mobile device. They also need to add the ability to flip the video since I have it monted on the ceiling.


Over all I'm pleased with the switch at this point. Of course anything would be better then Verizon.

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Silver Contributor I
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Got the last of my camers switched over this past weekend so that's it.





Not only have you lost me as a HM&C customer but because of your God Awful service related to the HM&C and just the general way you treat your customers, I'll be canceling all my services with Verizon shortly.


I had an issue with my Pan & Tilt camera during the switch to Nexia. They had a fix for it in a matter of days. With Verizon, that would have been weeks or months if ever. That's how it should be done.


Go back to doing just telephone service (wired), it's what you were good at and should stick with.

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For anyone that has questions about minimote functionality inside Nexia, the link below provides a great tutorial on how to connect and use the device with the platform:



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