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Sorry-but good-by home control

Sorry-but good-by home control

Contributor MrLtn
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I liked the idea of monitoring. I got the camera, two locks, and the dimmer. I was able to use it for a few days via iPhone. Then there was an update to the app. Then I could never sign in again. Tech help told me there are a number of people with either Apple or app problems. VZ does not seem to know where the prob is. They were suggesting I take my phone to an Apple store and ask them to roll back the OS. Apple does not allow that. I waited a few days and go fed up. Why should I pay a subscription for something that does not work with no fix in sight? I called billing and a very helpful guy cancled my subscription and got me a return lable (e-mailed) from the Home Control division. It was fast. Now I hope they credit me the first payment on the equipment,


Disappointed! But I looked at the Micassa system (z-wave). While it cost more for the base unit you can use any z-wave device! No word from VZ on all the really useful stuff like wall dimmers so another plus for Micassa. I also really like the dead bolts that actually move the bolt so the door is physically locked remotely..not just an alert that the bolt is not locked. There is also an app and web interface. Looks really flexible and NO monthly fee. Just saying-take a look.




I really wish the Verizon system worked but they don't have the devices I want and the app is non-functional at the moment.



Copper Contributor Joe13
Copper Contributor
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I fel your pain. 


I am about to return my equipment as well.  No sense paying for something that doesnt work and verizon seems to have no interest in fixing.  I cannot view the recordiigs from my cameras on the home control website.  I reported this issues on Dec 12th and it was escalated.  It is now Jan 19 and verizon still hasn't looked at the issue.   I have been told no less than 4-5 times someone would contact me within 48 hours and noone would.  Most companies someone would be fired for treating a customer like this and ignoring them for 5-6 weeks.


Oh well thanks for the link will check out competitors products.





Contributor twkennedy55
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Ya i am about to return it as well.. I get Activity logs that say the cam's are recording but you can not view them.  Did some rebooting.. now the indoor camera will not record unless I manually run the mode...   The dimmer option is cool.. but i can do that with timers from Home Depot.. 

Employee Emeritus Employee Emeritus
Employee Emeritus
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Hello Joe13,


Are you still having trouble since yesterday? Please let me know so I can report the issue.


Verizon Support


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Employee Emeritus Employee Emeritus
Employee Emeritus
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Hello twkennedy55,


I sent you a private message to further assist you.


Verizon Support


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Nickel Contributor
Nickel Contributor
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Same boat here...real close to cancelling home monitoring. Heather_vz was messaging me via pm trying to help but when it turned out that home monitoring devices don't work as well as advertised and/or their techs cannot diagnose problems as they are unfamiliar witth z-wave and i asked to return the equipment all of a sudden she stopped pm'ing me. Amazing.

Contributor Nothappysofar
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I just recently hooked up the system in my house and it was great until this weekend.  The website on the computer and phone have been down this whole weekend.  The weekend is when I would like to use it as we may be out of town or just out and about.  Last night the system kept turning my heat, through the thermostat, on and off without reaching the the set temp of 69 degrees.  I kept getting text messages telling me my front door was opening and closing while I was sitting in front of a dead bolted door.  I have tried to log in to the website via computer about every two hours this whole weekend and it keeps telling me that information is not available, try back later.  I was so excited about getting it and have used it a lot prior to now but I can't see paying anything for a system that I can't access when I want.  I called about another small issue the other day and it took 20 minutes for Verizon to find someone who knows the system; the rep that answered the phone didn't even know what I was talking about and asked me if I was talking about some type of alarm system.  I can see if I called the wrong number but I called the number that the home monitoring website told me to call for tech support.  When I called they didn't even give an option on the automated phone system for the home monitoring tech support.  Looks as though I too will have to go through the trouble of repacking everything back up and sending it back before I hit the 30 day limit for not being satisfied.  Too bad.....

Contributor Security is my Middle Name
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I am having the same issues to include the email alerts that I get have the correct DTG (Date Time Group) however, when you go and look for the time of the event it is an hour behind EST. How can I fix this.  Also I would like to have the ability to add to this system an alarm alert to let me know when a mode is triggered rather than just an email or txt as that wont wake me up.


In addition, when I get an alert that an event has been triggered and I go to view it the system is down more times than it is up and I can't view what the event is.  I was just recently on a trip out of state and I could not view from my mobil app on my iphone as well as on my Mac the event or recording of it.


What I would like to know is the following,


1) Does there exist a harddrive DVR that can be added to the gateway?

2) Does there exist an add-on alert / alarm system that can notify me audibly when a mode I have created has beeen triggered?

3) When does VZ expect to have the audio capability online to use through the cameras?

4) Are there any other type cameras that are capable to be used with this system that have a Zoom  Function?


I would appreciate all the help that you could give me, Thank you.



Copper Contributor AlMiller
Copper Contributor
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I too would like to know if we can plug external storage into the gateway and when sound will be enabled on the cameras!


I just got 6 cameras and the system and it isnt impressing me so far - about to box it up and return it.

Nickel Contributor
Nickel Contributor
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Registered: ‎02-15-2009
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Anyone know the situation outside of the 30 days to return the equipment?

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