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Viewing remote cameras from home - how to?

Viewing remote cameras from home - how to?

Contributor jqs
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I have remote DVR Camera system at my business. I can access the cameras from anywhere except from my home with FIOS internet service or from my brothers home who also has verizon FIOS internet. Is there a work around for this? Cameras can be viewed fro every where I have checked except if the person has FIOS. For some reason FIOS will not allow the video to be seen. Any help would greatly be accepted. I suspect it is a setting in the router that is not allowing viewage of the remote sight.  Please Help. Thanks

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Silver Contributor V
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For people to give you suggestions, they would need to now more on access requirements for your cameras.  In general this should be able to done if the correct ports are allowed access.  May require some port fowarding rules.

Contributor elgato15
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I have remote cameras through a dvr and through dyndns.  I was able to access them home when I had windows 7 and fios.  I recently got a windows 8 computer.  I can not access the cameras any more yet I can with my windows 7 laptop next to it!  I can also access the cameras at my brothers with windows 8 through dsl. My router at home is actiontech1424 .

Verizon tech support on the phone had no clue why this was happening.

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Bronze Contributor II
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Could be the Java. Make sure you have the latest version of Java and then you must also exculed Verizon from the Java security block. Call VHM&C support for the details.


The about is assuming that you can access the VHM&C page and see all your devices but can't watch "Streaming" video of you cameras.

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