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When will an iOS App be available?

When will an iOS App be available?

Contributor jdp83
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Registered: ‎10-18-2011
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When I ordered my verizon home monitoring and control bundle it suggested an iPhone app was already available (I have a screenshot).  Unforunately, this has since changed to 'coming soon'.  This is disappointing because it limits the usefullness of the new service I was expecting.  I would have otherwise waited, but now I'm stuck paying for the service in the meantime.


I say this as I'm starting to realize that the web and especially TV interface are less practical in real use.  For instance, given the number of menu clicks and wait to load on the TV, I could much easier and quicker go turn on/off a light, or adjust the thermostat manually.  At the same time, the scheduling and mode options via the web aren't quite powerful enough to use extensively.  I guess my main complaint there is the lack of conditional statements or exceptions.  One simple example is if I set a mode to 'leave the house', I'd want to turn off all the lights.  I also have a scheduled event to turn on a light at night.  These two work well together if I leave during the day, but not so much if I leave at night.  The immediate action or scheduled event always takes presedence. However, I do understand the idea it to keep things simple for the average user, not satisfy the electrical engineer in me.  This is where I really hope an iPhone app will help fill in the gaps if it's powerful enough to control on the go and quick enough for when I'm sitting in front of the TV.


I'm anxiously awaiting an app, and would appreciate a more definitive eta.


On the other hand, does anybody have any comments on the Android app?

Contributor jdp83
Posts: 4
Registered: ‎10-18-2011
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Just an update to my own post since Verizon didn't respond, they released the Verizon Home Control App for iPhone on the iTunes App Store Oct 24...




Seems to work pretty well.

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