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fios tv menu and no "home monitoring & control" app anymore!

fios tv menu and no "home monitoring & control" app anymore!

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i used to be able to view my hm&c devices, like my live camera feed, on my tv thru the fios tv menu.....i pay 9.99 per month for this super lo-resolution, slow, and no-audio-enabled-although-the-camera-can-handle-it so-called "security camera", and now one of its few atttractions has disappeared without notice......this angers me.....does anyone out there know how i can fix verizon's latest menu update to restore that menu item now?
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Have you asked Verizon?


From what I've observed, it appears that Verizon hasn't been pushing HM&C for quite some time.


Good Luck.


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thx for your reply...no i haven't asked them yet, i guess i will call 1-800-verizon in the morning and see what i can find out....the link to hmc is missing from myverizon page now too, but they are happily billing me every month for  hmc ....no real surprise there...thx....anyone else with hmc out there still able to view video feed from camera on their fios tv?? shaenn? anyone? lol

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OK! HM&C IS NOW A WIDGET ON MY FIOSTV MENU! YAY!! HOW ? You want the solution?  ok....here's how it worked for me......call 1800verizon, eventually get to hm&c tech support, he transferred me to fiostv support after explaining that previous update to onscreen menu left the hm&c part "missing", and that the fiostv tech could "push" an update  to my stb's that would restore it. actually got transferred right away, no disconnection or horrible wait times, and the tech explained that he could "roll back" the version of stb firmware to prev one .well he did reset all stb's with a version of onscreen menu that has HM&C available as a widget now instead of simple menu choice (it was a simple menu choice before, right? lol)  The next day, a newer stb update replaced his "rolled back" version, but the HM&C widget was still available , i did have to add it to "my widgets" again though. but YAY!  thanks verizon, and a cynical extra thanks for letting me know that you were gonna remove the hm&c from my fiostv menu, you know, like you notify me when a channel lineup is changing or there is a service interruption  , etc....through the on screen messages, or as a blurb in my phonebill or in an email or SOMETHING! (you didn't) and the way you rushed to tell me how to restore it (you didn't, i had to ask), unsurpassed! im so underwhelmed! but thats why we pay the bigbucks i guess

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