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2 subnets with one FIOS router

2 subnets with one FIOS router

Contributor Jin356b
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I figured out a way to get these P0S routers to NAT all my internal networks, WITHOUT having to add a secondary NAT router in between. Say for instance my default internal network is, and the verizon router's internal IP is Then I have 2 internally routed networks: and To get the verizon router to NAT the and nets, you have to trick it into thinking that these networks are part of it's default internal network.


1. Go the router's My Network -> Network Connections -> edit LAN

2. Click the Settings button

3. Scroll down to Routing Table and click New Route

4. Enter the routes to your internal networks. Ensure you leave the metric at 0.

5. Repeat steps 3 & 4 for all your internal networks

6. Apply the settings.

7. At this point all your internal networks should be able to communicate with one another (provided you setup each device's default gateway correctly).

8. Go back into the LAN connection settings page

9. Scroll down until you see the IP Address and Subnet Mask fields. The IP Address should already be set to Change the subnet mask to

10. Apply the settings.


This will trick the router into NATing all 192.168.x.x networks. And the static routes you entered in step 4 will ensure the 'incorrect' subnet mask doesn't break internal routing. I Hope this helps all you Enterprise Network admins that are stuck using this crap... 

Contributor HollyW00d
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I just wanted to reply and say THANK YOU.  I was just setting up my lab at home and was about to thrown my monitor on the floor because I could not get my second subnet on the internet.  After attempting numerous static routes and firewall rules I was going to give up until I saw your post.  

At least now I know it's this crappy router, and not what I was doing that was causing the router to not forward NAT for that second subnet.

Contributor hndcb
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Here is an interesting document from Actiontech indicating how to create different VLANs :




It will provide great flexibility to control the MI424WR unit.


Contributor Sobak
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I know this is an old posting but THANK YOU, I've been dealing with VLAN problems for about 4 weeks now, gave up on the Fios router and decided to install a Cisco1841 behind my Fios, everything was working well but my VLAN's not on 192.168.1.x were not routing.  Found you post and everything is working now!!!!

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