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Actiontec router loses DHCP range

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Actiontec router loses DHCP range

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I recently upgraded to the Actiontec MI424-WR after using the DLink for ~10yrs.


My IP space is 192.168.0.x


I changed the router with that new range (from 192.168.1.x), and setup the DHCP range to match that subnet.


The problem is that every few weeks, the router goes sideways and loses its DHCP range (reverting back to the 192.168.1.x subnet).  The router keeps the 192.168.0.x address.


So, it is keeping itself on the new subnet, and assigning addresses based on its original configuration.  I've reset it twice, and am now asking to see if:


1) has anybody else encountered this issue

2) is there any way to fix it without having to change my internal network to keep this stupid router happy




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Re: Actiontec router loses DHCP range

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#1 Do you have more than one router?


#2 If so to my last question: What is the brand, model and hardware version of the routers that you have?


#3 If not to my first question: What is the exact hardware version of that Actiontec MI424-WR of yours?


#4 Do you have FIOS TV?


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Re: Actiontec router loses DHCP range

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I have the same problem. But its not every few weeks. Its every time I ask FIOS supoort to do something. Yesterday I had them try to revalidate a cable card in the morning and then later in the day again. Both times the dhcp range was reset on the router.

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Re: Actiontec router loses DHCP range

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Even with the new router I get the DHCP range reset.  So I am now changed my entie network to match the default router rannge.  But with home servers, I start the range at 21.  At random intervals it now defaults back to starting at .2.


I have contacted support - they're no help at all.  These routers are flaky.  The best solution I was given was to use something else for DCHP leases (nice support - not).


So I am still having this issue.  Since most people don't even bother with changing (or using) dedicated IPs, I guess we'll never know.




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Re: Actiontec router loses DHCP range

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1) No.

2 & 3) the latest

4) Yes.


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Re: Actiontec router loses DHCP range

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I cam across this thread because I have the same issue. Everytime I call support for something (and sometimes seemingly randomly), the DHCP settings revert back to default. Has anyone found out anything more about this? Thanks!


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