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MI424WR-GEN3i (Rev. I) no wireless "Performance Mode 802.11n device only" setting.

MI424WR-GEN3i (Rev. I) no wireless "Performance Mode 802.11n device only" setting.

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  Hi, I have a MI424WR-GEN3I (Hardware Version I) router with firmware version 40.19.22.  Per the routers user manual (MI424WR, rev.I) it is capable of reaching 160Mbps 802.11n wireless speeds.  But when I go into the router's "802.11b/g/n setup menu I see only two options: 1) Compatibility (802.11b,g, and n devices)  and 2) Legacy (only 802.11b and g devices).  I do not have the "Performance (only 802.11n devices) option to select, as per the user manual.  How do I get the router to show the "Performance, 802.11n only device option so that I can select it?  I must be missing something in the routers setup menu but just can't figure it out.  Any help will be greatly appreciated.  Thank you for your time and assistance.

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Not sure why it doesn't show on yours.  Shows on mine

Wireless Settings

Advanced Security Settings

80211b/g/n mode


I am shown three options in the drop down although only two show up in text descriptions (not the drop down)


Compatibiliy mode

Legacy mode

Perfomance mode.


802.11 Mode


Access to the Router's network can be restricted to wireless devices using either 802.11b/g (11Mbps/54Mbps) or 802.11n (130 Mbps) wireless devices. Select the option that best applies to your wireless network. Then click Apply button to save your settings.

'Compatibility Mode' to support 802.11bg & 802.11n.
'Legacy Mode' to support only 802.11bg.

 802.11 Mode:Compatibility Mode(802.11b/g/n)Legacy Mode(802.11b/g)Performance Mode(802.11n)


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             > > SOLVED < <


Ok, figured it out!  In the Verizon router setup under Wireless Settings >  Advanced Security Settings > Level 1:  WPA2 >  Encryption Algorithm ; I had an option of TKIP/AES selected.  I changed that to AES  only and then "Performance Mode(802.11N)" showed up in the selection box for 802.11 Mode options.  Thanks for your input and help.

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