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MOCA set-up

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Sorry about the delay, I don't look at the forums very often.  First, I am not familiar wit the MI424-WR Rev F router, so I can't say if it is MOCA enabled or not.  However, it is my understanding that most, if not all, of the FIOS set top boxes need a MOCA enabled router; so I am going to assume it is.  If so, there is no need to connect anything to the router itself provided that the connection between the router and the ONT is coax.


I don't know what devices you want to hook up to the MOCA network; but, in general the coax now connected to a device is switched to the input on the MOCA  adapter and a connection is made from the two out ports (coax and Ethernet) of the adapter to the device.  It is my understanding that if you have FIOS, there is no need to connect the POE filter that comes with the adapter.


Once the MOCA network is in place, each device will get a subset IP address automatically.  The devices need to have the built in firmware to set up an Ethernet connection.

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@Snowy24 wrote:
Hi, just wanted your help. I have an Actiontec MI424-WR Rev F router on my first floor. The coax comes into the house in the basement and is wired all over the house. I purchased the actiontec moca adapter you used. How do I connect the first one so it works with the existing router and spreads the signnal? Do I disconnect the cable going into the router and have it go into the moca and then the moca via Ethernet to the router? Or does the router already act like a moca so I don't need to do that step? Should each coax connection thru the house have a unique ip address? Thanks for your help.

You must not disconnect the Actiontec.  The MOCA adapters send signals to the router over the coax, and the router than sends it to other devices (moca or ethernet) on your network and out to the ONT to the internet.


Each device always has a unique IP address within your network, but it is normally assigned by your ROUTER from the local addresses (192.168.1.xxx) it manages via DHCP

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I have a coax outlet in my home office, but am currently connecting to the internet via Actiointec wireless gig router. Signal quality in the office is poor. Was wondering whether I could use one of these devices to essentially extend the range of my signal, ie, hardwire my office computer to it? 


If that would work, what do I need to pull it off in terms of equipment and setup?


Thx for your input!

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Self-solved this one. The Actiontec ECB2500C is a sweet piece of kit. Just ran coax from my outlet to the device and ethernet from the device to my iMac, powered up the adapter, rebooted, and presto, I have a wired signal which solved all my range and speed issues. Awesome!

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Not sure if you will ever see this response because the forum trail seem to end at the beginning of 2014. The reason I was intrigued is because we have a very similar setup (I have 2 series3 tivos and an airport capsule for wireless, on a fios setup for tv, internet and ph). I did the moca based on the router provided by verizon (I set the wireless off in favor of the apple capsule), and three actiontecs that I bought in ebay (the same actiontec provided by verizon as the main router but only set as moca adapters). I split the TV outlets into the adapters and the Tivos tv signal inputs, and one ethernet port on each to a tivo network port. Now I got a used premiere and a mini to replace the series 3 (although I will keep one as storage and backup). 

Finally my questions: the premiere comes with an option to create a moca net; I assume is unnecessary with my actiontecs' setupsetup, correct? Regarding the Tivo mini, there are to input ports: one for ethernet and another for a coax. Per the installation recommendation, the coax is preferred over the ethernet if the coax is part of a moca net. I assume I can then plug the mini directly the the wall coax since the first fios actiontec is responsible for creating the moca net, correct?

Thank you

Copper Contributor gigabit
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Apologies my friend, but your setup/questions are well beyond my tech creds. You may want to start a new string. Best of luck!

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Reading this for the first time. The MI424WR does MoCA. You only need to put a MoCA adapter at the locations on the cable in your house where you want ethernet into your MI424WR router. I just ordered the 3500T to put next to my media equipment to provde ethernet without running additional cabling. I was looking here to get peoples' experience. Since I don't find any complaints, I guess the MoCA adapters are working OK.

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So long as you have coax at the locations noted, you should be fine. For example, I just put a coax 2-way splitter on an existing line, ran a new string of coax into my son's bedroom, and presto, with the 2500 he's got an ethernet hard-wired connection!

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Hi, had this thread bookmarked for some time until I was able to buy one of these coax / ethernet adapters.


It sounds like I have the same setup as you-- Actiontec router in one room and coax-only wall jack in another, but I can't seem to get this to work. 


I'm just plugging my laptop into the ECB2500C with a short ethernet cable, and then hooking up a coax cable and plugging that into the wall jack in the bedroom.


The coax light stays dim and on my wired ethernet connection it shows "unidentified network". Is there anything I'm missing? Does something need to be enabled in the Actiontec router to work with MoCA?

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