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Opening specific ports on the router

Opening specific ports on the router

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I bought a Panasonic Viera TV-set that has a built-in option to connect to Internet via my wireless router. I have tried that numerous times - with no luck. Finally, I have called the Panasonic Tech Support. They guided me through all the steps that I have already tried before on my own. Their conclusion was: I need to open 3 ports on my router - and they directed me back to Verizon to get the info on how to do that.


I was trying to get some information in the Support area of Verizon's web site, but to no avail. They don't even mention getting a TV on a home network.


Can somebody tell me how to open ports?


I have a Verizon-supplied Actiontec M1424WR wireless router.

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#1 In the router go to Advanced -> Universal Plug and Play


b) OR to Advanced -> UPnP


#2 If you do not have at least two special computers that support UPnP where you can not define the ports that they use, turn off Universal Plug and Play (UPnP).


A perfect example. At least two game consoles. Any two (Two Xboxes, two Playstations, One Xbox and one Playstation).


#3 In the router go to Advanced -> Private LAN


b) OR to Advanced -> IP Address Distribution


#4 What is the Starting and Ending IP Address?


#5 What is the exact model of that Panasonic Viera TV-set ?

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I'll start from the end. My Panasonic Viera model is TC-L37DT30 (latest generation 3-D LED unit, with a USB3-connected wireless dongle).


Now, everything you've said is completely foreign to me. This is the first time ever that I am trying to use a wireless home network for any purpose, so please, bear with me.


For example:

"#1 In the router go to Advanced -> Universal Plug and Play" -- How do I do that? Do I need to use some external program installed on my computer? (By the way, I am using a Mac.)


My setup includes:

1. FIOS router mentioned in my original post (my home network's SSID is 6LGF4 - 11n (2.4 GHz) and is protected with a WEP password);

2. VIERA TV mentioned above;

3. ROKU XD-S streaming box (which, by the way, works well without opening any ports and with identical settings that I have tried to use with my Viera TV).


The TV sees my home network and indicates maximum strength of a signal, but is unable to connect to it. I guess, that's why the Panasonic technician suggested opening those 3 ports? I just don't understand why, because the Viera was able to connect and stay connected for 2 days before the connection was lost.

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"going to your router" = go to website


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Jack, I went to the address you posted. I typed "admin" for User and "password" for Password, but those settings were rejected. Do you know what settings I should use instead?

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If the router has been reset, then the password may be password1

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I tried that too. Same result.


Interesting thing happened in the meantime, though. I got a message on my TV screen asking me whether I want to download a new version of software. I agreed, software was downloaded and installed automatically. After that, I tried to connect the TV to my home network and guess what? The TV connected on first try.


That makes me think that there are two possibilities. Either the new software (firmware, I imagine) fixed the bug that was present in older version, or, my TV needed a reset. What do you think?

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Try this.....


Log in with the Username of admin, and the password should be your router's Serial Number found on the bottom of the router on a sticker.

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Thanks, Jack,


I tried your last suggestion, but still no luck... However, my TV does connect to my wireless network now, without opening any ports on my router, so the whole exercise with changing the settings became pointless.


Thanks again. I consider this thread as closed.

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