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Want to add second wireless router to network

Want to add second wireless router to network

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I have a Actiontec MI424WR and would like to add a second wireless router, a Linksys Cisco E2000 which has N capabilities. What is the best way to add this second router so that they both work as wireless routers? Thank you for your help.

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Set-up the Actiontec as the DHCP server. Set-up the Linksys as a wireless access point. NOTE: Each need a unique SSID. Name 1 xxxxxxx1 and the other xxxxxxx2, where xxxxxxx is the variable.

In this configuration, you will have access to whichever is given the strongest signal. The access point will need a wired connection to the Actiontec. Use only LAN ports, not the WAN port.
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If I'm not mistaken, they can leave the SSID on both access points to be the same. You just don't want them to run on the same channel. The devices with either setup see an Access Point by it's MAC Address. It should have no problem roaming onto another Access point if one starts to get too weak for the device's liking. Even with separate SSIDs, that will still happen.


What the above poster means by setting up the Linksys as an Access Point is the following:


1: Disable DHCP on the Linksys

2: Disable the Firewall, UPnP support in the Linksys

3: Configure BOTH the ActionTec and Linksys to operate on WPA2 Security (The Linksys E2000 is a Wireless N router. Wireless N requires WPA2 to work to it's potential).

4: Set both the ActionTec and Linksys to separate channels, either 1, 6, or 11. It's best to keep them off each other's ranges due to the distance between the two APs. The Linksys should only be set to use 20Mhz wide channels for Wireless N. DO NOT OPERATE IT ON AUTO/40MHZ!

5: Connect the Linksys to the ActionTec by plugging the Linksys into the network using one of the LAN Ports. Do not use the Internet port on the Linksys!


Just keep in mind, if you do set up the Linksys to run on the same SSID as the ActionTec, the security settings (Key, Encryption type, MAC filtering) must be identical. If you go down the separate SSID route as mentioned above, you're free to keep the security settings separate. Just keep in mind my pointer with WPA2, though.

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Do you always use a LAN port when you connect from a the main router to an access point?

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mouazzen wrote:

Do you always use a LAN port when you connect from a the main router to an access point?

It depends on what is being used as an access point as to how it gets connected. Typically, the access point will use one Ethernet port on your router/switch hosting the Internet connection/network. Most access points are set up by simply connecting an Ethernet cable from one LAN port to the port on the Access Point. If you're using a router as an access point, you disable the second router down to nothing more than a Wireless Access Point/Switch (which prevents you from pulling addresses via the second router at first) and then connect both units LAN to LAN.

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