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Wireless not getting to other side of house...

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Wireless not getting to other side of house...

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I'm having a problem with wireless in my house.  I have an Actiontec MI424WR router from Fios which is located in an office above my garage (attached to house, office is off master bedroom).  My kids both have macbook laptops, their bedrooms are located on the other side of the house and get very poor wireless internet connections.  The house itself is an old stone house, thick plaster walls, and the office where my router is located is literally outside the stone wall of the house, it was added above the garage and there is a doorway from our bedroom to the office.  I'm wondering if that could be a big part of the problem, as the kids' bedrooms are only 30-40 feet from the router, but there's stone and plaster to get through. 


My question is this, how can I get better wireless internet service to my kids' rooms?  Is it possible to connect another router to the existing Actiontec, one with better range, etc and connect them over ethernet or something, have the second router in my bedroom?  Would this solve the problem?  Is it hard to do?  Is there a better router that I could usein my office that would reach the other side of the house?


Thanks for any help.

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Re: Wireless not getting to other side of house...

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I like these two options personally. 


The first one lets you get a 2nd actiontec and install it to a working coax that you might have already installed over there.  That 2nd actiontec has 4 ethernet ports and also it's own wireless.  So I personally like that option best.   


The second one allows you to pick up your own wireless router, and connect it to the actiontec.   



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Re: Wireless not getting to other side of house...

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Thanks for the help.  I picked up a Netgear N900 today, think that will work ok?  I plan on trying the second set of instructions you posted.  Thanks again.

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