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2nd phone line questions

2nd phone line questions

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I recently had a second # installed (ported from cablevision) and I have a few questions:


1.  Caller id works on the FIOS tv with the first # fine...does the second # have the option of displaying on the tv also?


2.  With cablevision when I got a voicemail I was able to receive an email with the message as an attachment that I could listen to on my phone.  I am not seeing that as an option for this correct or am I missing it?

Location: VA
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Hi Techgeek_NY, these are both very good questions. Let me see if I can answer them for you.


1) Yes we can activate the caller id on FiOS TV for the second number as well. We would have to do that from this end though, as I do not believe you can initiate it from your end.


2) I would need to review your account to see what type of voicemail package you have. I know with our FiOS Digital Voice, you can do similar things, although it may not the exact same. For that service though, we have an app which allows you to access your voicemail and manage all of your phone features. Do you know if you subscribe to FiOS Digital Voice?

Travis S.
Verizon Telecom Social Media Team
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Thanks for the responses.....regarding the caller id once you activate it can i turn it on and off for each settop box or is it either on for all or off for all?


regarding the phone it is the FIOS digital voice I have the triple play.  Can you tell me where the app is so I can look at it?  And how can I have someone check my account regarding the voicemail.

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