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*60 call block is useless - WHY?

*60 call block is useless - WHY?

Device: Verizon VZ-V300AM-2
Plan: Home Phone
Location: Philadelphia, PA
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What is the point of call blocking if you can't block the calls you want to block, i.e. Telemarketers from outside your area? I don't want to have to be on a do not call list, and I think I have the right to be free from harassing phone calls every day. Why is this not available? Why has this not been legislated if that's the issue?

Bronze Contributor II
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I love the do not call list and so glad they started this.  As soon as I signed up when it came out I stopped receiving all those calls.  I get maybe 4 calls a year and that is charity donations but no other junk at all.    Mary

Copper Contributor
Device: Alias 2
Location: Buffalo NY
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I've never heard of *60, what is that?  And I agree with the previous poster, if you do not want to be bothered by telemarketers then make sure to get yourself on the do not call registry ( 

Bronze Contributor II
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Copper Contributor
Device: Alias 2
Location: Buffalo NY
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*60 might not be available in all areas or it may be an old, discontinued product.  I have worked as a Customer Service Rep for 10 years and never heard of it. 

Bronze Contributor II
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I am in Buffalo NY and I remember years ago we could get it I think but you paid like $5 a month for it.  I know I have always heard about but never had it.  Mary

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