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*69 doesn't seem to work the way it used to...Since I got FIOS, things are different on my landline...when I dial *69 to see who called, I get automatically hooked back to the person who called as if I'm calling them. What if I don't want to call them directly? I just want to know what the number is so I can assess it. Ugh. As this might seem like a helpful feature, it really isn't. I don't want to call back a telemarketer or someone who I am not interested in talking to at the moment.


Is there any way to change this back to the old way which seems to make more sense to me?


Thanks for any help.




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Re: *69

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Hello out there...waiting for a comment here...does anyone else have this problem?

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Re: *69

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This site is mostly peer to peer.


My phone has callerid, so I never use *69.


From Verizon info on *69



*69 helps identify your last incoming call.

If you missed your last call and want to know who it was, dial *69. You will hear the telephone number associated with your last incoming call and, in some areas, the date and time the call was received. You may also be able to use *69 to return the call automatically with the touch of a button. "


So perhaps you touched another button after dialing *69.

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