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We can't make outgong calls or receive incoming calls.  We have a dial tome.  Finding out info on the website has been frustrating.  The "report a problem" section crapped out on me.


Is there an outage in Va Beach (23462 zip code area)?

Employee Emeritus
Employee Emeritus
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Has your service been restored?  I don't see any current outages, but if you are still out you can PM me your home phone number and I will see what's going on.



Brian K
Verizon Telecom
Fiber Solution Center

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speaking of area outages....  My entire road has been without phone service since the storm eight days ago.  The main phone line is laying broken in the road a mile from my home and has not been touched, although I have seen Verizon service vehicles pass through the area.  Are there still many phone outages in the area and is there a place I can go to learn when service is anticipated to be restored?  I live near Walton, WV, area code 304, prefix 577.  Zip 25286

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ditto.  Lost dial tone 12/25.  Told that there was a local cable problem.  However, the line serving us serves only us, and it is laying on the ground on our property.  No one from Verizon has come after repeated calls.  Was to be fixed 12/31 (most recent "commitment") and wasn't.  Called in again today, basically told I have to go to the back of the line.  How in the world does one break out of this and get to someone at Verizon who can resolve the problem?  Any secret numbers out there I could call?

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If you are the only person on the line and there are other lines down in the area that serve more people, unfortunately, I would imagine that they would put you near the bottom of the list.  It is in their best interest to get as many people back on line as quickly as possible and if they can fix one line that serves more people before your  single residence line, I'm guessing that is what they would do. 


I can appreciate your frustration with being without a phone.  I'm guessing VZ is just making priority calls on who gets fixed first.


There is an earlier post by what seems to be a VZ employee for the original poster to PM him.  You, and the other person who reported a similar problem, might want to PM that person as well with your details(be sure to include your phone number in the PM so you don't waste time back & forth asking for it).


Thanks to the VZ employee who offered that to the poster.   It seems there is a least one person in the Verizon fold that understands what customer service is all about....   I've seen a few of them like Brian on these forums.  When you come across them, use him/her, but don't abuse him/her because they are people too and if they get abused because they happen to work for a big company, they will become exactly what you expect and will stop trying to help.



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IS there some kind of outage in Vienna, Virginia?

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