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Anyone ever have this problem???

Anyone ever have this problem???

Contributor razkal83
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I recently have been bombarded with phone calls from AT&T asking for a person whom I don't know. Turns out this person has my exact same phone number, but is using AT&T as the provider. How can this be? I had my number changed a few months ago, so maybe this number was someone else's. So what do I do? Change my number AGAIN? Or maybe the other person should change theirs.....

Bronze Contributor I
Bronze Contributor I
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Typically a phone number is "aged" before it is assigned to a customer. This avoids customers from getting calls for previous customers.


Also no two customers, irrespective of the provider, can have the same telephone number at the same time. You and the other person can't have the same number active at the same time. If calls to the number end up ringing in your home/business, then it is your number.


I think you have a couple of options...

1- Live with it and inform the company calling that the person is no longer at the number.

2- Change your number and explain the reason for the change is due to unwanted calls.

3- If the calls are coming from one number, you may be able to have the number blocked so the calls do not get to you.


Hope this helps.



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Two people can't have the exact same number at the same time.  They either gave AT&T your number for some reason (not everyone is honest these days.:smileysurprised: or they HAD your number for some period before you.  As Larry said, numbers are aged before being recycled to attempt to minimize the problem you're experiencing.


When AT&T calls you again, tell them you don't know that person, you have owned this number since xxxx and if they don't stop harrassing you, you will file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, your state's utility commission, the Federal Trade Commission and the Texas (AT&T's home state) utility commission.


I had that problem when I got my cell phone.  I was getting calls from a bill collector.  The approach I suggested worked for me. 



If that doesn't work, you can ask Verizon to block the AT&T number but you may be getting calls from a variety of AT&T numbers so that probably won't be a viable option which leaves the only real choice-change your number again and hope whoever had it before you doesn't have any ghosts in their closet.

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