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Are you kidding me, Verizon??!!??!!

Are you kidding me, Verizon??!!??!!

Copper Contributor countrygal
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So I am logging on to Verizon to report that my landline is down yet again (fist time this year, lost track after half a dozen times last year including once for 30 days) , and the Verizon site is slooowwwllyy uploading so I can spend 20 minutes trying to report a non-working phone.  I don't come to the Verizon website to read about wht the pope had to say or what the #!@* Kardashians are doing!   I WANT TO REPORT A NON-WORKING PHONE!!!!!    If I did not pay my Verizon bill, you can bet I would be shut off immediately, but try to complain about Verizon's lousy service and it's half a day!!!!   And why do I have to request a time for a technician?  If you ask for the next available date, they won't show up till three days later.  I'll call and be told that there isn't anyone available for the area.  There is NEVER anyone available for my area!!!  Then when I do get my phone line back on, the company refuses to reimburse me for days I had no phone.  Verizon claims that I have to call them on the first day I notice loss of service to get credit.  Gee, why didn't I think of that?  I'll call on my non-working phone and report it!!!!  

   Yes, I do have a cell phone, it is not, nor will ever be a Verizon phone.  And I'll be gosh durned if I will waste my money on that phone on a 30 minute phone call to Verizon waiting to speak to a human.   Funny thing is the Verizon repair guys in my area have Verizon cell-phones thru work but use SPRINT for personal use and recommend SPRINT.  I dare a manager to call me personally and apologize for my lousy service over the years from Verizon. 

Copper Contributor ryanhromadka
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I'm curious if you are near the Austin, Texas area.  I'm having the same issue.  You still down?

Copper Contributor countrygal
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Verizon posts that issue was resolved, it wasn't.  I am reporting problems yet again, Nov. 2013.

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Hi countrygal,


We have opened a private support case for you in your other thread, here:




Please follow the instructions posted there to access your case to contact a support agent.  Thanks.

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