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Beeping before dial-tone

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Beeping before dial-tone

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I'm hoping that someone can tell me how to disable the beeping (alerting me of a voicemail) before the dialtone? I don't need my phone to alert me this way, and it confuses vistors to our home when the pick up the line.


Many Thanks

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Re: Beeping before dial-tone

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Not sure if you can do that unless you disable voice mail.....


Never heard of anyone wanting to disable the studder dial-tone other than listening to all your voice mail.  Stop using VZ voice mail and use your own answering machine.....

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Re: Beeping before dial-tone

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I would like to diable VZ voice mail and use my Google Voice voicemail instead but I can't seem to get it to work. Any ideas? Google wasn't helpful.

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Re: Beeping before dial-tone

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but if i don't have voicemail (but i do hear the 10 beeps before the dial tone)... how would i listen to the messges on "my" voicemail?

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