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Being singled out, am I?

Being singled out, am I?

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You, Verizon, never sum up in an email to me the payments you got from me. March 14th or thereabouts I sent TWO (inadvertent) TWO payments to you for 27.15 each. No Acknowledgement. In May you want some figure plucked out of the ether namely SIXTY-something $$. I'm a bare-bones user: no FIOS, no CABLE, no BUNDLING, no HIGH SPEED THIS nor THAT, all I need is internet access and use of the landlines. I don't even have caller ID, nor speaker phone, nor anything resembling the state-of-art luxury. You send me a message demanding I go to this site and find out what you deem I must pay. Why don't you send the acknowledgement of receipt of payment and show to me that I am clear for the nonce. No, you have me go to my bank statement to see that you did receive it. Too much trouble to sum up the monies I send. ALL this Falderol is due to my not giving you my credit/debit card info, isn't it? Isn't this your passive means to aggress on me? So to convenience you in case I kick the bucket, or move.... Living on a very low monthly income I keep my costs down. I have to. Yet you feel no compunction and hit me with something like this current $60 bill. Send me a record via email showing the payments I make EACH BILLING CYCLE --- Your present method keeps me tapdancing in search for the receipts showing my clear status and then the ways leading up to this OUTRAGEOUS penalty. This fee-soaked, punishing demand showing me how angry you are.  In this bill you , with ease and grace of a _______ you allege that I'm  delinquent.

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Just a friendly reminder, this is a forum where users help other users.
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Thank you. I'm trying to delete it.
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