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Blocking Spam Calls

Contributor petertom25
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Is there anything that can be done to block the ridiculous number of spam / robo / fraud / **bleep** calls that come through each day on our home phone?   I signed up for nomorobo, the do not call registry list, and actively block numbers calling in to no avail.  We get 6-8 of these **bleep** calls every single day at all times of the day.  They even spoof other numbers similar to ours.   


Surely with all the technology at companies' disposal today, something can be done.  I find it hard to believe that these spammers/spoofers/scam artists are ahead of VZ, AT&T, etc. to be able to get these calls through with ease.   It has become such an inconvenience we are strongly considering dropping our phone line.   

Platinum Contributor III Platinum Contributor III
Platinum Contributor III
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Make sure that nomorobo is active (you can test from their site).  Normally it blocks most calls after at most 1 ring.  If a new number is getting through you can reported it to them on their website and they usually will add it to blocked numbers.

Contributor Whidobie1
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We shouldn't have to do the work of the phone company in blocking calls.  Who has the time especially for the amount of money we are paying for their service.  Soon to be a Fios Cutter!

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