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Call Blocking on Digital Voice

Call Blocking on Digital Voice

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I subscribed to the digital voice feature and a big reason was the call blocking feature. 


There are 2 problems with this feature.


1. When I enter a number in the call blocking menu it does not block the call.  I get a ton of phone solicitations.  Last night i entered a number, varified it was on the list, and they tried to call me again this morning.  It came through on my phone.  This is not uncommon.  That number and others are on my menu but are not blocked.  


2.  Why is there a 10 number maximum for call blocking?  Many of these telemarketing companies have dozens of phone numbers they can use.  There needs to be many, many more slots for entering numbers to be blocked.


Thanks in advance.

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Verizon support is in receipt of this issue. We will send you a PM to gather additional information.


Tonya D.

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This might just be a flaw in how call block works.   Unless digital Voice changes the old rules of Call block, I think you might have to expect a few calls to come through. 



Calls made to you from outside your local calling area, through operator assistance, or from cell phones and some business phones cannot be blocked.

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So, I can block calls with a 44 dollar phone answering machine, but Verizon cannot block same?


This seems silly.   MOST calls that need to be blocked, - in my case all calls, are from out of the calling area.  The come from east coast.




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Hubrisnxs: Thank you for explaining why call block is mostly useless.  I've come across your answer on several threads.  Unfortunately, your link doesn't work.  ElizabethS gave a link to Call Intercept on another thread, and that sounded promising, but that link doesn't work either.


It would be nice if Verizon could have this information somewhere where we could find it.  How about right on the Call Block page?  This would save people a lot of time and trouble entering all those calls on their blocked calls list. All of my nuisance calls are from cell phones and/or outside my calling area (and yes, I'm on the Do Not Call list). 


WILPINCA: It's good that you spoke up.  People on these boards aren't shy about complaining, so I don't understand why there isn't more written about this problem.  Maybe everyone has gone out and purchased their own call-blocking equipment.

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Hi Ann,   I am not sure why the link doesn't work for you.  It works for me ok, But what you might want to try to do is put into a google search the key words "Verizon landline call block"


and the link pulls up for me from there.  


I took a screen capture in case you wanted to see it.  



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Hubrisnxs :Thanks for sending the screen shot.  I had seen that somewhere before, maybe in one of your messages in the forums, or else the link must have worked for me in the past.  I remember noting that my limit is not 6 or 12, but 10.

When I click on your link, even the one you sent today, I get the "Bad Request" page.  

There's no link on Google for "Verizon landline call block", but I found one at  "Call Block Verizon," (among all the cell phone links),  which also ended up as "Bad Request." When I searched for "call block" on the Verizon website, the links ended up the same way.  I get that same page when I click on "Calling Features."  

I did find instructions at  This page uses the 10-number limit,  but there's nothing there about all the calls that can't be blocked.

Being able to find information from Verizon is a separate, very large, problem.  And why Verizon can't or won't block all these calls is another issue.   (And why the links don't work for me is probably only relevant to myself.)  But in the meantime, I still say that the information should be right on the page where we list the numbers we want blocked.   I'm no techie, but it doesn't seem to me that this would be so difficult to do, and it would save people a lot of time and trouble.

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