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Caller ID on FIOS HD DVR connected TV?

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Registered: ‎09-21-2009

Caller ID on FIOS HD DVR connected TV?

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Is there any word on the availability of a Call Assistant type pop-up function to display incoming calls while watching TV? 


Waiting patiently ...



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Employee Emeritus
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Re: Caller ID on FIOS HD DVR connected TV?

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It is in the works.  Fios Digital Voice customers will have that feature in the beginning of rollout and then it will cover all FIOS customers.

Joe D
Verizon Telecom
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Copper Contributor
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Re: Caller ID on FIOS HD DVR connected TV?

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So when will we see FIOS Digital Voice?  I've been waiting ... and waiting.... and waiting... and waiting...


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Re: Caller ID on FIOS HD DVR connected TV?

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I have both the HD DVR SET TOP box and FIOS Digital Voice, but I am not able to see any caller id pop-up indicators if someone calls while I am watching TV. Is there some special configuration involved with this feature. My installation tech was not familiar with this feature or setup....... I have also called technical support several times each with different responses to my issue.


Call 1 / Respond 1) After about an hour on the phone I was told this feature does not exist (starting to believe this....)


Call 2 / Respond 2) I was told to go to (which I am currently trying to resolve why my account does not display my phone option when I log in)


Call  3 / Response 3) I was walked through this process of re-registering my account for ....This let to the same results as above and Verizon said someone who has dealt with this issue will contact you tomorrow as the area that fixes these issue is closed


(Call back 1 / Response 4) Verizon left a message with someone at my house that the service would take effect the end of the month (This was back in September....October is here and the feature still doesn't work)


(Call back 2 / Response 5) Some one called and told me to go to and log in while there were monitoring my PC with desktop sharing and they saw I was not getting the correct screen and would call back to resolve.


(Call back 3 / Response 6) Some one called this morning to say the issue ticket will be closed.


But, my same issues still remain. No caller ID on HD DVR connected TV and no access to the FIOS Digital Voice Account Manager.....I need help from whoever has used this feature in a production environment and has this feature actually working....I have already heard about Verizon training employees on this months ago, but are any customers actually able to use it????

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Silver Contributor III
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Re: Caller ID on FIOS HD DVR connected TV?

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As far as I know, and from what the above employee stated... It is not yet available, and will not currently work


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