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Calls Go Straight To Voicemail (phone does not ring)

Calls Go Straight To Voicemail (phone does not ring)

Plan: FiOS Digital Voice
Location: Topanga, CA
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A friend needed to call me back after a conversation.


I waited 15 minutes but heard no ring.


I then checked my voicemail and found that there were two messages. 


The person said they had called several times but got voicemail both times in that 15 minutes. 


I double check to make sure that the phone was not still active (it had been off)


I checked to make sure "Do Not Disturbed" was turned OFF in my FiOS Digital Voice settings online. (have never used this service but verified that it was OFF)


Also, received voice mails are going to TWO DIFFERENT LOCATIONS. 


Some caller's voice mails go to FiOS Digital Voice while others are stored in the system's local voicemail system.


For example if two callers call and leave voicemail messages, one caller's voicemail is retrieved on one system and the other caller's voicemail is retrieved on another. One uses the local 310-573-9144 voicemail retrieval while the other is retrieved with Verizon's FiOS Digital Voice (888) 234-6786. Both messages should be appearing in one or the other, not both!


This problem has gone unresolved since March of this year. I've had over four "trouble ticket" numbers. All of which have gone unresolved.

Employee Emeritus
Employee Emeritus
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Dear machinehealer,


Sorry for the inconvenience.  I would like to get your account information.  Please go to the following secure link: .  Enter account Name, Address, Phone, and Email.  Reply once the form is completed. 



Verizon Telecom
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Calls from my daughter go directly to voicemail.  The phone does not ring.  Other numbers seem to be fine, landline or mobile.  How can I fix this?

Nickel Contributor
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Sounds like some numbers may have accidentally been blocked?
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