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Can I remove my voicemail service?

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Can I remove my voicemail service?

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I'd like to remove my voicemail service and just figured I'd ask if this is something I can do myself.


I don't really have any use for it.


The problem is when someone is on the phone and another call comes in and we don't answer it...........the call is sent to voice mail.  I don't want to retrieve any messages from voicemail at all.  I want to use my answering machine exclusively and have all 2nd calls just ring and ring and ring instead of going to voicemail.


Is there a way to shut off the voice mail completely or remove it?  Just wondering.


Thanks for any help.

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Re: Can I remove my voicemail service?

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Hi jcl6543,


Yes, you may remove the voicemail service entirely if you wish to use your answering machine exclusively.   If you have our FiOS Digital Voice service you can visit and turn the voicemail feature off from there. The log-in information will be your Verizon username and password.  If you do not have that service you can call our customer service line at 800-837-4966 Monday-Friday 8am-9pm EST and speak with a customer service representative and have that person place an order to remove the feature from your account. 



Verizon Support

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Re: Can I remove my voicemail service?

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Thank you very much James.

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Re: Can I remove my voicemail service?

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I set my Verizon voice mail to pick up after 6 rings.  My answering machine picks up after 4 so most messages go to the answering machine.  But -- you can also set up your account (online) so -- if you are on the phone incoming calls will go to Verizon voice mail & you get an email notification about that.  You can even listen to the voicemail online!  Hasn't happened much but since I can't save any $$ dropping voice mail, might as well find some use for it.

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Re: Can I remove my voicemail service?

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I tried your link and this is what I found.


Under Digital Voice it gives you the option to remove it by clicking 'here'.  I clicked and it brings up a new Internet tab with the title of 'about blank' and nothing else appears on the page.  So you don't know if your request was submitted or not. 


Than I tried to send an email by clicking 'contact us' at the bottom of the screen, but it wouldn't allow me to finish filling the form before it sent me to another page that didn't have anything on it about voice mail.


Very frustrating.


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