Cannot make international calls

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Cannot make international calls

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I just got FIOS tripple play package with unlimited international calling plan but when i try to make a call to Pakistan, message says that calls to that area are blocked.


Called Verizon tech support and they say that there is nothing wrong with my phone line and there is no block.


But I cannot make the phone call


Can someone suggest/help with the solution

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Re: Cannot make international calls

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I would call again, or open a chat request.  Make sure you have a couple examples of numbers that you can not call, and ask them to open a long distance repair ticket.  as long as you have no blocks on your account and you have a long distance plan with them, then they should be able to open a repair ticket.  make sure you call and get the EXACT wording of the message that you get when you call pakistan so that you can give it to them. 

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Re: Cannot make international calls

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Did you go to the Digital Voice Web Interface to make sure that the "International Block" is not turned on?  It is and the username and password is the same as MyVerizon.


I have one of the international plans also, but I still have the option to block international calls.

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international calls using another LD provider calling card

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last month i used another LD provider calling card for international call. i check my Verizon International calling plan and it says No International Plan Included. 


this month March i was shocked to see my bill for  one International call for $408.39


this has never happened before. what is happening here ?



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Re: international calls using another LD provider calling card

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I know that this is an old message..hopefully you have resolved it.

I had similar situation when I had to do a mandatory upgrade from copper to fiber.

I previously had AT&T for international long distance. After the Verizon fiber upgrade, Verizon hijacked all long distance calls and, even worse, did so without putting me on their international long distance plan. This caused:

1 - huge phone bill becauce the cost per minute was astronomical

2 - Eventually international calls were blocked due to "unusual activity" = internatioal calls made without international plan.

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Re: international calls using another LD provider calling card

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Read the below link.


Verizon cannot force you to use their long distance service over another.

you will also save a ton of cash if you research voip phone services. No taxes or surcharges etc on many of them. Even Magic Jack you can port your verizon number out of to their service. Don’t recommend Ooma since they charge you fees etc. and you need to purchase their equipment.



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Re: Cannot make international calls

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