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Changed Plan to Freedom Essentials But Charges Are Much More

Changed Plan to Freedom Essentials But Charges Are Much More

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Hi everyone.  I have been a loyal Verizon customer for 10+ years now, but have recently started to run into problems when changing my plan


After setting up the switch, I was told my Verizon Freedom Essentials Plan would cost me $54.99 (not including taxes but this total cost did include my internet access as it would be bundled together).  The sales agent was laughing because it was actually $2 cheaper than what I had been paying for years.


I get my first bill in the mail today.  I am a bit nervous because I got it Saturday after their call center in closed.  So I have to wait until Monday.


I know taxes are separate (not even including them).

I know that there are partial month charges (also not even including them).


What I am a focusing on is my "Current Charges,” here is what it says:


Verizon Freedom Essentials - $49.99 (not what I was quoted)

Internet 768k to 1Mbps -  $29.99 (I WAS paying $21.99).

Bundle Discount - $5.


Even if you take the bundle discount and deduct that from my internet, I am still paying $3 more than I was before. 


I am more concerned about the phone calling itself.  Why is it $49.99?  I haven't changed my phone plans or internet plans in forever and I am just not sure what to do.


I will be calling them Monday morning, but what are the chances of me getting this fixed?  I cannot and will not pay $74.99 (plus $25 dollars in taxes).  I was told $54.99 for Freedom Essentials PLUS my internet.  The $74 amount is something I would expect AFTER taxes had been applied, but not before!


If they will not honor the price I was originally told.  I wasn't even quoted either.  It was (after being on the phone 45 minutes - "Alright Jennifer, we are all set and you will be up and running and ready to make long distance calls in 24 hours.  Your final price for this package is $54.99, not including applicable taxes and surcharges)


Am I allowed to go back to my previous plan/pricing without any fees for changing my plan?  Can I quit Verizon all-together and opt for Time Warner cable since they didn't upload their end of the bargain?

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Was this on FIOS?  You might have been sold something called a "copper" phone line but in reality you were only provided with digital service.  Let me know.

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