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Changing Account Holder

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Changing Account Holder

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Is it possible for you to take your current phone service and take it out of your name and transfer it to someone elses name without the services being disconnected?

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Re: Changing Account Holder

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In theory, yes


but I reccomend, unless ABSOLUTLEY NEEDED... don't do it.... From what I hear, it is easier to legally change your name, than it is to have Verizon change the name on your account.



Best O Luck


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Re: Changing Account Holder

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Verizon made spelling error on initial account setup. Name doesn't even exist. Spent over four hours submitting credit info and copies of the Declaration of Independence (twice on the credit info). Nothing changed.

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Re: Changing Account Holder

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It is something you can do.

the process is called a "supercedure"

If someone has had a death in the family and needs to change the name, {edit} can do a billing name change.

But lets say for ex: you and ur significant other are splitting and the srvcs were in their name and u need it in yours, thats a "supercedure" so {edit} stop all the billing under their name and put it under yours so you are no longer responible for his/her bill.



It doesnt take that long, regardless of people say.{edit}

Hope this helps



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