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Conflicting eligibility... please help

Conflicting eligibility... please help

Contributor png751
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I've been practically throwing my money at Verizon this past week and I can't seem to get anyone to shed light on my issue.


I am a Verizon phone customer (landline), have no TV service and Optimum Online internet. I was captivated by the online promotion they're running (about to expire tomorrow 1/7) and finally decided to make the leap to FIOS triple play. This is where the fun starts.


I go onto the verizon.com site and proceed to put in my order... I plug in my address.. Now I must note that I live in a single family home but yet when I placed my address in, it still gave me a list of options so I chose the most logical one (first floor) and oh my lord, FIOS IS AVAILABLE!


I'm configuring my triple play package and I get to the screen where it asks me to port my telephone number so I figure that since I'm already with Verizon, porting my number should be cake. Boom. "Sorry, your number [removed] can not be ported. Please contact your local business office for more information."


So since I decided to do all this at 10PM EST, I went to chat with an online representative who told me that I simple couldn't keep my old number because it was impossible to port an old number to a new service. I didn't even think this excuse was possible, so I called up the verizon customer support line and explained my situation.


The next agent that I encountered told me that it was very possible to port the number, especially within the same company, and told me that I needed to go online since I was already a customer and add my services there. I log in to My Verizon and try to upgrade services there but what did I just discover?


Apparently my landline number (connected to my house address) IS NOT AVAILABLE FOR FIOS. I must've spoken to and transferred to 6 or 7 different agents over the course of two days just to try and make it in time before the promotion's expiration.


So my question now is... how can I be eligible and not-eligible for fios at the same time? This is compeltely absurd. I want to give a business my money but no one has any idea what is going on. Anyone else experience this? Can any verizon employee that scours these boards help me? HOW CAN I GET FIOS AND KEEP MY SAME NUMBER?!?

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Sorry to hear about your problems with the FIOS eligibility. I have sent you a private message to get more information.


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Contributor png751
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I've made a call and spoke to an agent and she said the reason for the conflicting eligibility is cause engineering must have messed up the entry in the system with my house. She put in a request with engineering to correct the issue and said it should be resolved within 24 hours. I've also sent in two support requests but no one has gotten back to me about anything. The system still sees my phone number as not eligible and my house address as eligible. Is there any way to contact engineering directly??

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Hi ping751


Please communicate with the agent who pm'd you. They would be the quickest way to continue working towards a resolution.

Contributor png751
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Registered: ‎01-06-2012
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Verizon escalation has solved this problem. Thank you reps for the assistance!

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