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Contributor Bubalina
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This service has saved my nerves. It works fine on my landline and stops many, many calls. I get a single ring and then the **bleep** are cut off. I don't know how mine could have worked so well all these years (before Verizon added it to its site). People must have other issues. They are not caused by nomorobo. 

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Bronze Contributor II
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I have a similiar problem with them - when I try to test it from my cell phone - I get a message to press 1 for english then someone comes on the phone asking how they can direct my call or help me.  Apparently the number verizon is using for norombo is wrong so I deactivated  it

Contributor Nytwhatevr1
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I tried to Kudos his , too--- I had to click on it twice--then it added mine.

Contributor Nytwhatevr1
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I was signed up in the NO call list, NOMOROBO and Verizons blocker. And it was WONDERFUL!   I got a lot of calls, but most would ring once, then silence. Caller ID would say "Incoming call" but there was no number on the caller ID window, and noting was saved in Missed calls.  THEN I started having internet issues. Took wees, but I got a new router and a new FIOS box installed. Internet was restored, but so were the spam calls. EVERY single one of them. I went to the no call registry and found that your number never expires. I went to NOMOROBO---and  was already signed up.  Not sure what the Fios thing was ai was on before. But now, my phone keeps ringing till the machine pics up after the fourth ring. NONE of them are blocked anymore. The new FIOS box seems to have eliminated all my blocking tricks.  I am going to start turning the in many robo calls I keep getting. Just wish I knew how to STOP them!

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Platinum Contributor III
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The numbers are from NoMoRobo and not from Verizon.  They have had a few troubles with the list being wrong.  Also have had some numbers that were working stop working.  E.g. mine for Frontier were working for a long time and then suddenly stopped working and I was getting Robo calls come through.


As part of their original setup or anytime you want to test you can go to their site and have it test to see if it is working.  If it doesn't work and you check and see you have the entered the correct number in simultaneous ring on Verizon site, send NoMoRobo a support message.  They will get back to you, Hopefully with the correct number.

Contributor Rogue7
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Ahh **bleep**.... Man LOL Heart the hilarious sweet irony of your Nomorobo post here, in that the calls are being sent to a Trump International Resort Smiley Very Happy 


I have been using the Nomorobo service on my home phone for about 2 years now and have been very satisfied with the service.  Though the occasional few incoming apparently computer generated spam calls do ring through. In those cases, all you have to do is log in on your Nomorobo account and simply report the specific number and add any extra details in the space provided. 


A couple weeks ago, I even got a call that showed it coming from NOMOROBO on the caller ID...lol. I sent an email to them inquiring if the call was legit or not and got a nice response from them explaining how the spammer was able to falsely obtain the name for a scam call. They immediately caught it and disabled it.


I have been on that bogus US government DoNotCall list since it's inception and relisted my numbers according to the requirements. That government website an **bleep** JOKE and HAS NEVER WORKED.  


Thanks for the laugh @ the forwarding to the Trump International Resort. 

Contributor FredNY
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I have used Nomorobo on my iPhone for 6 months - paid subscription ($1.99/month or $19.99/yeqr) - and it is very effective.  I recently added to my landline through FIOS and it works as well. I haven’t received a robocall in weeks. On my cell, I can add robocalls that sneaks through but that is infrequent. Try it. I don’t believe you will be disappointed. 

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Perhaps you keyed in the wrong phone for NOMOROBO when you originally set it up?

Contributor mennygg
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Contributor mennygg
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