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Hello - I have been faithfully going to my online account for months and blocking the robocalls I get - until I got one again from an 800 number I already had blocked.  When I spoke wiht Verizon, they explained these outfits can make it look like the same number but it's actually not and recommended using NOMOROBO.  Well, I had three robo calls the following day from the usual "local looking" phone numbers and on top of it, the service blocked a legitimate call from the city's municipal call line that can be about anything from trash pick-up to snow emergencies.  No good. Verizon was of no help.  They referred me to cancel via the DONOTCALL number.  I found like you that NOMOROBO was crazy inaccessible, but I persisted and managed to sign back in at https://www.nomorobo.com/ and then move to my own account at https://www.nomorobo.com/phone which has a dashboard and a page to "Add, remove and setup your phones here."  We have two landlines that I had enabled with the call blocking.  When I clicked on one number at a time to disable NOMOROBO, I was given instruction on how I first had to go to Fios® DIGITAL VOICE and delete a phone number that appears there for Calling Features >> Simultaneous Ring.  I deleted the 888 number (who knows what that has to do with but it worked) Once I did that, I hit NEXT at the bottom of the page, and that led to another page that generated a test call to that number confirming I had disabled the service. I repeated the process for the other line.  Now they both changed from green "protected" to red "not protected."  Frankly, I plan to continue from here to just go up to Verizon each day and block calls that didn't leave a message.  Done, end of story.  I wish you luck in doing this as well!

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HAS BECOME ALMOST WORTHLESS. Mostly because of same exchange spoofing (calls which spoof the first six digits of your own no. to make you think it might be someone you know and pick up the phone (/aka "Neighbor Spoofing" /aka "NPA-NXX spoofing".) They say that they are actively working to prevent calls like this. However, I have been dutifully reporting these calls, at least 2 or 3 a day, but have now given up on reporting them, since in the past year and a half or more nomorobo has not blocked a SINGLE INSTANCE of one of these calls. They keep getting through, so pointless to report them. Re. calls like this, their help desk (https://nomorobo.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360016100171-What-is-Neighbor-Spoofing-) says, " Report the call to Nomorobo! We are actively working to build features to specifically handle this tactic. Your reports are crucial to making this happen." NONSENSE. ABSOLUTE WASTE OF TIME.
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I'm so sorry that I did not get to read this first. The number of robo calls went up immediately after I signed up with nomorobo. The only way I can battle the robocalls is through verizon's block list, but that block list is difficult to use, often frozen and is limited. 


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Me thinks you are a robocaller.......

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Until the phone companies embrace callerid authentication, there is not much they can do. Will the robocallers using a rotating set of numbers, there is not an easy way for them to know spam from real.

I would almost bet that this action is as a direct result of services like Nomorobo.

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I LOVE NOMOROBO Call Blocker! From the moment I signed up through Verizon, my phone stays QUIET!!!!!!!!!!!! I went nearly two weeks without ONE SPAM CALL!!! HEAVEN! However, spoofing is another issue! It can't pick them all up. I've had my own phone number spoofed calling ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 




I use it for my home land line. I use TRUCALLER for my cell! Both are amazing!!!!!!!!!!

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I use an old fashioned "in my house" phone answering machine and IT

records silent hang-ups like you describe, but then deletes them.

Not sure why the phone company voice mail can't figure out how

to do that.


The scammers have noticed when they ring too much they get added to the

"block" database sooner. So now the ones not already known only ring phone

3 times themselves.


Summary: I get some one rings (blocked), some three rings (not blocked yet),

and my legit phone messages. Seems like in 2020 NoMoRobo has it working pretty well.

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