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Contributor JQ
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Just my FYI,


Was searching for NOMOROBO+mobile+Verizon and saw this.  I have had the service since they started-I think about 2010.  Had "cut the cord" and purchased an Ooma for my VOIP and although they said, in writing, that they worked with NMR, I had 4-6 calls per day.  This went on for 2 months.  I cancelled the Ooma and went back to FIOS-set up NMR again and I now get between 1-2 breakthrough calls per week.  GREAT service and I am looking to install on Mobile.

Contributor Iremembermabell
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your bothering to post this  information is so  appreciated. 

Contributor Iremembermabell
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This exchange of information letting consumers  know the deatils of a poor  service like this is what makes the internet so valuable.

Contributor cms1
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I have had Nomorobo for 2 plus years and it has been working great. No problems at all. When a number come up and it turns out to be scam caller I just submit the number and then they block it for me.


Contributor JSamJr
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I have had Nomorobo for 4 years now, first with Comcast and now with Verizon Fios.  It has worked extremly well blocking 99% or robocalls.  In the past I would get 15 or more calls a day.  Now I only get one or two calls a week that get past Nomorobos filter and these numbers I report to Nomorobo so they can block them.  I has been a God Send this past election season.  I have not tried the wireless program but so far No problems with landline.  Love It!

Copper Contributor danzee
Copper Contributor
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Since you have been a nomorobo user for several years, please tell us how it has worked for you.  Significantly less calls, a few less, same, more . . . what? Please.

Contributor SaltySales
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I cannot disagree more.  I have been using NoMoRobo for over two years now.  It is the best thing that ever hapened for the robo calling space. It automatically drops at least 5 calls a day.  It is nice to not run to get the phone only to find out it is another robocall.

Contributor Mau10703
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I use NoMo Robo and I haven't had an issue with it.

Thing is whether it's Verizon or NoMo Robo, they should have the option to block Unavailable or babe Unavailable numbers as well. 

Also on My Verizon Dashboard, When I block a number it will tell me only 10 numbers. Really? 

Plus, numbers I have blocked using Verizon were still getting through, so NoMo Robo did a much better job.


Have a great day


Contributor Maps2
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I have been using nomorobo for years and although it does not stop all robocalls it stops most. I have FIOS and incoming calls show on my TV screen. Calls blocked by nomorobo calls show up but the phone never rings. I love it.

Contributor redhand32
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I signed up for NomoROBO years ago when it was free. It ONLY works on ROBOCALLS, not the other calls with human callers. For years it was 99.9% effective against Robocalls. However, over the last year or so, some robo-scammers have defeated the system. It is about 80% effective today. VERIZON AND THE OTHER TELECOMS DO NOTHING ABOUT ROBO AND OTHER UNWANTED SPAM CALLS which use Spoof local numbers and names. VERIZON DOES NOTHING, ---  BECAUSE IT CAN !

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