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Deleted Voicemail

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Deleted Voicemail

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While listening through my saved voicemails to see if I wanted to delete any, I was listening to one which is/was very important for me to keep when I recieved an incoming call. I saved the message (I even heard the "message saved" message) then I clicked over to the incoming call. When I finished and tried to "click" back over, my call was dropped - I get very poor reception at home. When I called my voicemail back, all of the v.mails I "re-saved" during the earlier call were gone, my previously saved messages that I hadn't gotten to were still there.


Do those messages stay in Verizon system for any period of time that I might recover that one I need. When I say "need" I mean the message contained a threat by someone that I was keeping in case of a legal need. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Deleted Voicemail

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I don't believe there is a way to recover any accidentally deleted voicemails. I can be wrong but as far as I know once a voicemail is deleted it in unrecoverable.




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