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Digital Voice with Central Station Alarm

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Digital Voice with Central Station Alarm

I was assured there would not be a problem with our alarm system if I changed to digital voice phone service. 

I was also told by 2 representatives from Verizon...YOU CAN CHANGE BACK ! 


Notonly is there a problem with the alarm, YOU CANNOT CHANGE BACK! Should have listened to the others on the forums about going digital.

The alarm company needs to find out what  is the problem and this is going to cost ME more money. 

That's what happens when you try to save some money.

Thanks Verizon.

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Re: Digital Voice with Central Station Alarm

If the FiOS digital telephone line was wired like the POTs line, it should have line seizure and should work "most of the time."


Sometimes the digital dialer in the alarm panel is too sensitive to the interdigit timing needed for a digital line. Also, the alarm panel may need to be re-programmed to include the area code for a local call - which wasn't needed in the past.


"Managed" Voip lines, like FiOS, Optimimum, Xfinity, etc., are pretty reilable for alarms. Vonage and other "non-managed" Voip lines are not recommended for use with an alarm system.

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Re: Digital Voice with Central Station Alarm

The alarm people were over today and took care of the problem...of course I had to pay a service call...but at least it's working.


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Re: Digital Voice with Central Station Alarm

LongIslander27, do you mind sharing what brand and model of alarm system you have and what changes were required to make it work with Digital Phone?  Thanks. 

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Re: Digital Voice with Central Station Alarm

That EXACT thing happened to me. I have been on the phone with Verizon for the past 3 days. My alarm company came out today and they could not get me up and running. Verizon did switch me back to analog, but nothing is working!  I was also trying to save money my switching to digital but only going to cost me more, plus my alarm system is not working!!!


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