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Disable voice mail?

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We have phone service through our My Fios bundle. We would like to disable the voice mail feature since we have a new phone system that includes an answering machine. I haven't found a way to disable the Verizon Fios voice mail. Anyone know how to do that? 

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You can set your answer machine to wait 3 rings instead of 4 rings to pick up or call into Tech Support and have them set the ring count to 5 so that your answering machine picks up first or remove voice mail entirely.


I recommand keeping the voice mail on the account in the event something happens where your answering machine can't receive the call so that people can still leave you voicemails.

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I have the same issue. The first thing to do is to call TechSupport and have them change the ring cycle to 10. This is the number of rings before voicemail picks up. Your answering system typically picks up at 4 rings, so it will do so before the voicemail system does. However, if you're on the phone, hear the call waiting tone, and don't answer, the phone will continue to ring, and if the caller has enough patience to wait for 10 rings, they will get your (not set up) voicemailbox, which will still take a message, but not deliver it until you set up the voicemail you didn't want.

I have not reached the business office to see if the Voicemail feature can be disabled or if it is an integral feature of the bundled features (sometimes it is with VoIP systems because other functions depend on routing to voicemail when certain other features are enabled). At worst, your home answering system will pickup the vast majority of calls, and only when you have a very patient caller and you're already on the phone, will anyone ever reach your VM. The issue then becomes that you can't clear the message waiting indicator without setting up the voicemailbox you didn't want.


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The chat support droid told me they are now refusing to set the ring count higher than 6.  I was originally set up with a default setting of 4 rings. The result was they wereintercepting most of our calls, and are obstructing our communications.  We need to use out local system. I am calling Vonage and a few others today and find another landline supplier that gives me control and ownership of my communications. They are MINE, after all.  I do have a Majic Jack extra "Line" here, but they do not support NoMorRobo yet. If ythey did it would be simply moving a plag and porting the number.


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